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Hilsman Middle School PTO

Welcome to the Hilsman PTO website. This site is maintained by the PTO for the benefit of the Hilsman Community.  We have a mailing list that goes to all parents who register their email address with the PTO. As you know, many of our kids forget to bring home information and news. Our email list bridges that gap by distributing news on a regular basis. If you want to be added to our email list, please send an email and request to be added to our list. It's free!

We also have a Facebook Group Page where members can discuss topics and get to know one another. If you're on Facebook, come join our group there. 


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What We Do

The PTO is one of your best conduits as a parent to contribute to Hilsman. The PTO has focused on a AAA strategy:

Atmosphere: We provide money and muscle to improve the atmosphere of the school. Included in this is efforts to increase school spirit and community through coordinating sales of spirit shirts, car magnets, and other items to enhance our connections to one another. 

Appreciation: We provide special meals to the staff during conference days and other special events. We also sponsor annual awards for faculty and staff.

Acquisitions and Activities: The PTO helps purchase many things that benefit the whole school or larger groups of students. In the past we have purchased the tables for the outside courtyard classroom; the mats on the wall in the gym; football jerseys; library books; contest awards; band equipment; outdoor tables in the courtyard, etc. In the future, our goal is to use funds to help support more educational activities for students, such as field trips and other experiences outside the regular classroom. 


In past years, PTO meetings have been sparsely attended. In the 2014-2015 school year, we are going to experiment with fewer meetings and more communication through electronic channels (specifically, the email listserv and the facebook group). Contact hilsmanpto@gmail.com for more information about joining either of those groups, and to share your ideas. We will have presentations at all Hilsman events, including Hilfest, Open House, and other similar gatherings.  

2014-15 Officers

The current officers are:

  • President: Janet Frick
  • Vice-President (President Elect): Ani Fischer
  • Secretary: Open  
  • Treasurer: Kathryn Chetney   


    School Council and Parent Advisory Board

    Another body that helps direct activities at the school is the School Council which has members from the faculty, parents and local business persons. Our school council parent volunteer for 2014-2015 is ________.

    Parent Advisory Board is composed of parent representatives from all Clarke County schools, and meets monthly to learn about and discuss district-wide issues and offer feedback to the Superintendent. Our PAB representatives for 2014-2015 are ______________. 




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