New! Locksmith Professional Airbags
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KLOM Blue Airbags, 4 Size locksmith tools

For all KLOM Airbag Wedge in Blue enter this page here KLOM Blue Airbags
you can purchase single Medium airbag,
or purchase 2 Blue airbags for reduced price.
or buy 4 Blue Airbags=4 sizes (Small, Medium, Large, U-Shape) with free delivery.

KLOM New Blue Airbags, are the genuine item from KLOM, and they hold heavy car doors. and UPVC Windows
Original KLOM Airbag, Black colour

Check this out KLOM Korea Airbags, against the China version of KLOM.
this Genuine version of KLOM from Korea are THE ORIGINAL Airbag Pump Wedge.

you can purchase 1 single airbag, or 2 airbags for reduced price and free delivery
to visit the page click here KLOM Original Airbag Pump

Heavy Duty Airbag Locksmith Pump Wedge Tool

And for the main deal, we have the superb High-Quality Super strong, and heavy duty holds Airbag pumps from KLOM.
this Pump Wedge is the best from all.
can lift 150KG. which means you can fit heavy window and doors, and open big gaps on car doors
Check this item out and enjoy from variety of choices, you can purchase singles, or 3 Airbags=3 Shapes for amazing cheap price, and FREE Delivery
Click here to see more: Heavy Duty Airbags
KLOM Black Airbags
Black KLOM Airbag Pump Vice

And for the last one, we have also the same as the blue Airbag of KLOM we have also the same version on Blue colour.
here you can get those as singles and Doubles, we have also the U-Shape and Large size too.
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Klom Black Airbag Vice Pump