Topics in Physics A


Course Description

Topics in Physics A- Waves

Grade: 10-12

This course covers the study of wave motion, (both transverse and longitudinal).  Particular focus on waves will be in the area of sound, the electromagnetic spectrum, visible light, and electricity.  Major projects include a PowerPoint show, and physics magic tricks.

There is no math prerequisite for either of the topics classes.

While Topics A is at an easier level than Waves and Light, students who take Topics A cannot take Waves and Light- they are too similar. 

Topics in Physics

schedule:    Unit 2 

 Electromagnetic Waves- Light- Color


Tues 9/20         Invisible World, Correct test mistakes

Hmwk#1 read ch 27 404-418 turn in reading notes 1 note per page minimum or answer RQ 1,3,5,6,8,9,12,22     


Weds 9/21       Light notes, Peek a boo paper

                        Color Activity


Thurs 9/22       Color video, Start Power point assignment 


Fri 9/23                        Power Point Activity, Bill Nye eyeball

Hmwk #2 read Ch 28 421-439 turn in reading notes 1 note per page minimum or answer review questions 1,3,4,6(a,b),7,8,22 ,25

                        Hmwk #1 is due.


Mon 9/26         Color Addition and Subtraction,     EM Quiz  

Tues 9/27         Work on Power Point,  units conversion problems



Weds 9/28       Finish power point investigation, Review Bingo

Review for test

                        Hmwk #2 is due


Thurs 9/29       Exponent problems, finish packet



Fri 9/30            Unit Test.


Mon 10/3         Powerpoint is due. Present Powerpoint in class