The Game of Rugby

Rugby is a continuous game whereby two teams carry, pass, kick and ground the ball in order to score as many points as possible, with the team scoring the greater number of points being the winner.

In Senior rugby (and under 19s), 15 people play at a time per side, each of which have specific duties as a player. If a player is tackled to the ground they must release the ball, which usually results in a ruck. If a player is held while standing, a maul will usually be formed. The purpose of the ruck or maul is so that the game can continue without any stoppage in play.

The line-out and scrum are two key distinguishing factors to the game of Rugby Union. A scrum occurs when there is an accidental infringement and a line-out occurs when the ball goes out of bounds. Both of these are methods of restarting the game.

More information - A Simple Guide to Rugby (pdf)

Junior Rugby Pathway

Walla Rugby Under 6's & 7's (two handed touch/tag rugby - NO tackle)
Mini Rugby Under 8's & 9's (introductory contact rugby)
Midi Rugby Under 10's & 11's (evolving contact rugby)
Junior Rugby - Under 12's to 17's (modified rugby laws)

To find more about kids rugby, rugby pathway and modified rules visit the Australian Rugby Union - Kids Rugby

Modified Rules

Aim and philosophy

The aim of the new Kids Pathway for U6 to U12 players is to provide a series of age-specific modified rugby games. These modified rugby games progressively develop the individual skills, fitness and team work of all players in accordance with their physical maturity and understanding of the game.

The philosophy is child-centred and ensures all players receive the greatest possible participation and enjoyment from playing the game of Rugby.

Waratahs & Wallabies

NSW Rugby Union - Waratah Rugby

Australian Rugby Union