What Causes Mould Growth in Bathrooms

Have the bathrooms in your home seen better days? Are you starting to find little pockets and specks of mold scattered throughout? While you need to address these mould concerns ASAP, it’s also important to know what causes mold growth in bathrooms so you can prevent it from happening in the future.

Lack of Ventilation

The next time you get out of the shower, take a look around. What do you see? More than likely, there will be a room filled with steam and condensation on the walls. The regular presence of this moisture after each shower can easily cause mold and mildew to begin growing in no time at all. To offset your undoubtedly long and hot showers, turn on the exhaust fan during and after showers, keep the door open a crack, and open up a window to ventilate this moisture outward.

Multiple Wet Spots

Thanks to all of the plumbing fixtures in bathrooms, these rooms will have the most amount of wet spots out of any other room in the house. Eliminate any possible wet areas by inspecting plumbing and fixtures regularly for leaks, as many can go unnoticed. You should also make sure to clean each of your fixtures on a bi-weekly basis, have an absorbent floor mat, and avoid leaving wet towels on the floor.

Defeated Grout

The tile in your bathroom (especially in the shower) is constantly exposed to moisture as well as direct water contact. Over time, the grout between tiles will begin to deteriorate and wear away. It’s important that this grout be replenished every six months or so, otherwise, you could end up with cracks and chips in your tiles. Rejuvenated grout will help prevent mold, protect your tile, and give your bathroom a clean and whole look.

Mold growth in any room of your home is not welcomed — but it’s almost always seen in the bathroom. When the plumbing in your home is causing leaks (which will cause mold), contact Hills Emergency Plumbing Pros to repair those leaks.

Leaking taps should be dealt with right away!

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Emergency Plumber in Castle Hill NSW

In any plumbing issue, immediate response should be made. Hills Emergency Plumbing Pros is the epitome of promptness when it comes to resolving concerns in the plumbing systems in both residential and commercial areas. We take pride in our 24/7 emergency plumbing services throughout Castle Hill NSW. We take care of any problem that relates of water and pipe issues. Our team is composed of licensed professionals who have the skills and experience to resolve even the most complex problems. We also have a separate team who handles emergency calls from our clients.

Fixing plumbing issues in their early stages can help avoid unnecessary expenditures for replacement parts. A tiny leak can lead to structural damages if left neglected over a long period of time. Getting in touch with one of our licensed plumbers is your most practical option to resolving any further plumbing concerns in your home. We offer a variety of plumbing services, including the following:


Blocked Drains

You might experience an overflow of water in your kitchen or bathroom. This could be due to the drain being totally blocked. There are various causes for this, such as accumulation of dirt and improper drainage system installation.  There are also cases where blocked drains are due to tree roots blocking the pipe. There are indications that there are blocked drains in your property; unpleasant smells and bubbling noises are some. Our professional plumbers use advanced methods in determining the cause of the problem. We use CCTV cameras to determine the specific blockage and use high-pressure water jets to clear out the obstructions. We also make sure that future blockage will be avoided by altering or repairing the water pipes.

Leaking Tap Repairs

You may experience leaking taps in your home once in a while. Although they are not much of an issue at first but they can really be bothersome. Nonetheless, a leaking tap is still something that should not be ignored. It can waste a lot of water when neglected for long periods of time. Our professional plumbers simply know how to resolve leaking taps and shower heads. We make sure that you will not get the same issue in the future. Contact us today and we will resolve all your leaking taps immediately.

Toilet Repairs

Most plumbing problems are typically found in the toilet. The toilet is one of the most used areas in the home and having issues with it can be a huge inconvenience to everyone in the household. It can be even be an embarrassment to your guests.

At Hills Emergency Plumbing pros, we make sure that your toilet is fully working. We fully understand the necessity of functioning toilets in the home. Our team of professional plumbers has repaired multiple toilet problems for many years already. We have the experience and the necessary skills needed to provide quality plumbing services. We already know the logical and most practical solution to most toilet problems. Simply give as a call and we will resolve any plumbing issue in your toilet in just a few hours. You do not even have to worry about spending too much because the rates of our services will definitely suit your budget.

Burst and Leaking Pipes

One of the most destructive plumbing problems in both residential and commercial premises is burst pipes. At any location, burst pipes can cause major structural damages which can result to unnecessary and huge expenses for repair and replacement.

Burst pipes start with leaking, which ideally, can be resolved easily once detected. At Hills Emergency Plumbing Pros, we resolve the issue from its roots. Our team can locate leaking pipes very easily through their skills and experience. Once spotted, we use efficient methods to block the leakage, preventing any further plumbing issues.

In case of burst pipes, our professional plumbers use advanced methods and tools to fix the issue. Although replacement might be the only option in many cases, we still make sure that the expenses will not burden you. Besides, unable to fix burst pipes can lead to extremely costly expenditures not just for your pipe replacement, but for the repair of structural damages as well.

Pipe Relining

We also specialize in relining pipes by placing piece liners inside old pipes. The liners we use are durability and are infused with resin that is divided in two parts. Pipe relining is typically carried out on busted pipes, and blocked drains.

Before, repairing pipes is a messy and costly task. Plumbers are to dig them up and manually fix the damaged areas. In Hills Emergency Plumbing Pros, however, we use more advanced methods of repair without the mess and extravagant expenses. Our pipe relining services guarantee you that no damages will be done to your home and its landscaping.

We do the procedure very easily and quickly. This is to avoid any further inconvenience to our clients. Our plumbers use cutting-edge equipment to carry out the task properly and professionally. Part of our services is free regular inspection to the pipes of our valued customers.

Hot Water Heater Repairs

Hot water heaters also need regular maintenance. Failure to do so can lead to damages to their system. Locating the power supply of your hot water system is the primary thing that must be done before any repair or maintenance could be done. Most power supplies are electric but there are some that use heat pumps and solar energy to work.

You would not want to take a cold bath on a chilly morning. You might not have the energy for work if that happens every time. Fixing any issues with your hot water heater will help you prevent from being bathed with chilling water every morning. Fortunately, Hills Emergency Plumbing Pros has the right plumbers just for that. We repair any type of water heater in both residential and commercial premises. After we repair your water heater, we will make sure that we will leave your home cleaner that we found it. Our plumbers always guarantee a 100% satisfaction rate to our clients.

Leak Detection

Leaks cannot be noticed right away during their early stages. Minor leaks are not much of an issue but leaving them untreated can lead to serious damages to your property. Timely repair should be done in any kind of leaks. Locating the leaks, on the other hand, can be quite a complex task, especially if you do not really know the location of your pipes. At Hills Emergency Plumbing Pros, we make sure every leak problem is resolved. Our experienced plumbers know how to detect leaks by just inspecting the surroundings of your home.

Our records show that our plumbers are highly accurate when it comes to leak detection. Our plumbers are equipped with modern tools and they use innovative methods in locating different forms of leaks, including underground leaks.

Our detection services are on top of the competition. We have acquired the expertise through years of experience in the plumbing industry and continuous training to our staff.

Gas Fitting

Have you experienced smelling gas in your home outside your kitchen area? There might be gas leaks happening in your residence already. They are one of the major plumbing problems that can lead to catastrophic results, such as fire breakouts. Gas leaks are not something to be ignored or postponed. Gas leaks can happen in any areas of your home, not just in your kitchen. This is the reason why you need to employ professional plumbers to inspect the premises.

In Hills Emergency Plumbing Pros, we make sure to satisfy all your gas fitting needs. Our professional plumbers are specially trained to provide practical and logical solutions to gas fitting needs. We do not delay to resolve any concerns regarding gas leaks. Our location is an advantage for clients with dire need of our help.

Our customer service is always on the line to assist you with your gas fitting concerns. We will deploy are highly skilled professional to work on them and give you a peace of mind before leaving your premises.

Bathtub Remodeling

We do not just install and repair plumbing systems in residential and commercial areas; we also offer remodeling services to our valued customers. Bathtub remodeling is one of our specialties. We have a team that comprises of highly-skilled individuals who can transform your bathroom into a modern area.

Our professionals use cutting-edge acrylic bathtub liners to ensure our clients with durability. Part of our remodeling services is the installation of bathtubs. We have a wide variety of bathtubs and you can choose a custom fit that suits perfectly to your bathroom. Our bath filter experts are all certified and licensed so there is nothing to worry about. You may also contribute your own design if you want. Contact us today if you want to know more about our remodeling service.


Backflow Prevention

If you are experiencing a lack of water supply in your premises, there is a high chance that you have a backflow. Backflow is an unwanted flow of water in the reverse direction. There are several causes to this phenomenon. Backflow can be a serious health risk for the contamination of clean water with pollutants.

In Hills Emergency Plumbing Pros, we have a team of certified backflow prevention experts. We offer services such as backflow prevention testing, diagnosis, installation, and repair. We use high-end backflow prevention devices to check the quality of the water supply. We also use efficient methods in preventing water from flowing back, leading to a clean and sufficient water supply. We have dealt with hundreds of backflow problems across the district for many years and our experience is our advantage with our competitors. Our backflow prevention plumbers are licensed professionals and are following a strict code of conduct to guarantee customer satisfaction.

Other Services

Aside from the common plumbing services mentioned, we also offer special plumbing services such as the installation of underground pipes, flood prevention planning, gas leak examination, kitchen plumbing, and many more.

If you are looking for a reliable emergency plumber in Castle Hill NSW, we are your most practical choice. Our rates are reasonable and we are honest and dependable to all our clients.

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