New Job Opening

Wanted:  Skilled Community Organizer 

·         To Start:  ¼ time position  10 hours a week for one year. 

Our church has lost its connection with the neighborhoods around us and has become nearly irrelevant to people who live within a five block radius.  Are you someone who can begin to listen and help us listen so that we can become a responsive congregation. 

·         Listening to people in a non-judgmental, agenda-less fashion. 

·         Displaying your curiosity and interested to know what people care about. 

·         Building community and you understand the process of organizing.

·         P.S. You are unreasonably amazing if you can do all this and also speak English, Spanish, Mandarin and Russian and whatever other language is around. 

·         Training and experience in community organizing, and a network familiarity with PICO and Alinsky community organizing groups.

·         Familiarity with faith communities and church development.

·         Sensitivity in intercultural relationships. 

·         You will get a quick sense of the area and begin initial one on ones, and develop a list of critical people to interview. 

·         You will record what you do and interpret what you learn to a few leaders in our congregation in short meetings once a week

·         You will include members of the congregation in the process, train a few to participate in the one on one conversations. 

·         After you begin to get a sense of communities with similar interests, you will help us organize simple events.    

If you want to change the world, this probably isn’t the job for you.  If you want to help our church members care in a way that is modern and relevant, and maybe new, then please contact us. If you want to change the world but know of people who have simpler aspirations in this area, please send them this link.

Office Hillsdaleumc,
Jul 5, 2017, 12:28 PM
Office Hillsdaleumc,
Jul 5, 2017, 12:28 PM