Hillsboro School Board

Picture will be updated after the August Board Meeting

2024-2025 School Board Members

From L to R: 
Tim Kozojed 📧email  
Cody Kritzberger 📧email
Brad Richter 📧email
Brooke Duval 📧email
Carly Theis  📧email

2024-2025 School Board Committees

Buildings & Grounds – Brad Richter and Brooke Duval
Human Resources & Finance – Tim Kozojed and Carly Theis
Hillsboro Rec. District – Brooke Duval
H509 Dollars for Scholars  – Tim Kozojed
Transportation – Tim Kozojed and Cody Kritzberger
Student Services, Curriculum & Technology – Carly Theis and Brooke Duval
Extra-Curricular – Cody Kritzberger
Policies – Cary Theis

Regular Meetings:

The public is invited to the regularly scheduled meetings of the Hillsboro School Board which are held on the 2nd Thursday of the month at 7:30 a.m. in the high school library, although the time and location of the meetings may change on occasion. 

Contact Information:

Tim Kozojed, President: Tim.Kozojed@k12.nd.us

Brooke Duval, Vice President: Brooke.Duval@k12.nd.us

Carly Theis, Director: Carly.Theis@k12.nd.us

Cody Kritzberger, Director: Cody.Kritzberger@k12.nd.us

Brad Richter, Director: Brad.Richter@k12.nd.us


The Superintendent, in consultation with the Board President, shall prepare agendas.  Persons wishing items to be included in the agenda shall submit those items to the Superintendent no later than seven days prior to the meeting.  Inclusion shall be at the discretion of the Superintendent and Board President.

Meetings of the Board are conducted for the purpose of carrying on the business of the schools, and therefore are not public meetings but meetings held in public.  Although there is no legal requirement that the public be given an opportunity to speak at board meetings, it will be the policy of this board to afford that opportunity in accordance with board procedures.

Public Participation:

Only items on the published board agenda will be discussed at any meeting of the Board, unless the Superintendent or a board member requests an addition to the agenda of a regular meeting and the board members present approve in accordance with board policy.  Members of the public who wish to make formal presentations before the Board shall make request in advance in accordance with the board’s agenda setting policy.

If you have questions or comments regarding the School Board, please email Jon.Dryburgh@k12.nd.us or call 701-636-4360.