Kathy Voyt will be coordinating the Jr. Great Books program this year.  Please contact her for more information @ angelivoyt@yahoo.com  Tentative start dates will be in January for approx 6-8 weeks.  

Each grade/class meets separately, so we need a parent volunteer for each class in order to be able to offer this experience for all students.  Generally we have run this program for 3rd, 4th and 5th grade classes.

Critical thinking is a priceless skill

Help students master it with Junior Great Books®

Great Books programs combine excellent literature, a discussion methodology called Shared Inquiry™.  Shared Inquiry™ is a discussion method, a teaching and learning environment, and a way for individuals to achieve a more thorough understanding of a text by discussing questions, responses, and insights with fellow readers.  Adult volunteers are needed approximately once a week to lead each group of students during lunch recess.