Parents FAQ

Please feel free to email me if you have any questions about computer class: I'll post answers to common questions here.

How Can I Get Type to Learn 4 At Home?                                                                     

Would you like to have a free copy of Type to Learn 4, the typing program that we are currently using in the computer lab, for your home?

I have just upgraded the lab to the web/school version of Type to Learn. This means that the program can be installed for free on any computer in the school OR at home. All you need to do is download the software, get an account for your child (4th-8th graders already have one) and log in.

Typing is an important skill for children to learn. I teach typing primarily to 4th - 5th grades (and also to 6th-8th as time permits). 4th and 5th graders could benefit from extra typing practice at home, and some exposure to typing before 4th grade will make your child’s transition to typing easier.

The program saves data to the web, meaning that students can switch between different computers at school or at home and not lose their work.

If you are interested in getting Type to Learn 4 at home, please do the following:
    •    Email me (see main page) the name of your child. You ONLY need to do this if your child is in K-3 (Grades 4-8 already have accounts). I will send you back a username and password.
    •    Download and install the program on your computer(s): Note: Scroll down to “Full Versions.” There is a PC and a Mac version. They are also rather big – it may take a while to download.
    •    The first time you run the program: enter in your student’s username and password, and then the following security key: 109175.

How Do I Transfer Files Between School and Home?                                                      


Each student has a Gaggle account which has a 50 MB "digital storage locker."  Go to, log in with the student's User Name (first initial + last name + hc, for example: jsmithhc) and password (which they should know). Click on the "Jump To" menu on the left and select Digital Locker. Use the Browse button to find the file that you want to upload from your home computer, or click on the link to one of the files already in the locker to download it.

USB Flash Drive

Consider purchasing a USB flash drive that your child can use, or lend him/her one to bring to school. They are quite cheap: you can buy a 2 GB one for $20 at Target. Generally, try to get one that is PC/Mac compatible, at least 1 GB in size, and uses USB 2.0 (so it will be fast).

Do You Teach Typing?                                                                                                   

Typing is taught in all computer classes (4th - 8th); in the lower grades (4th - 5th) it is taught both classes/week, in the Middle School grades it is taught once/week. We use a program called Type to Learn.

Typing is an important skill to master early and it is especially important not to learn bad habits that will be hard to undo later. Please support good typing habits at home by requiring students to touch type, sit properly (not slouched), take frequent breaks, and to not look at their hands if possible.