4th Grade Assignments

September -October 2011

Alphasmarts and Typing

Every student is learning to touch type on the keyboard using the program called Type To Learn 4.  This is a fun and interactive approach to typing.  We use keyboard covers so the students can't see the keys and learn through finger repetition.  We have spent a few sessions going over the alphasmarts and how students can transfer files between the computer and alphasmart.  We discussed the basics of spellcheck, thesaurus, and editing techniques.  They will be using them in their classrooms shortly.  

California BioRegions with Powerpoint

In groups of 4 students will learn how to use powerpoint to make an amazing presentation about their region. The goal is to convince a Hollywood Movie Director that their region is the best location for making a movie.  The group has to study the Geography, Climate, Plants and Animals, Cities and Industry that makes the region special.