Hillbilly Bulldogs from West Virginia

                                          New Puppy Born Dec .13,2010
            Howdy from West Virginia
We've had Bulldogs for a few years now. Bulldogs are not suitable for everyone.They are a Unique Breed ,We are working to perserve this Gallant Breed. We strive for Breed improvement.
I won't say we have the Best of the Best or any such rediculous statement.As purebred Dogs of any Breed have their defects & health issues.I truely believe,It should'nt require a Vet Tech. to raise a litter of Bulldogs !
 My Bulldogs are not Kennel Kept.They are members of the family first,Breeders second.Are not agressive,they are couragous. All Bulldogs that live here are excelent with children and have sound stable temperments. Oakley and Hillbilly Deluxe are my gals from Oklahoma.A little heavy for a girls at 54 & 45 #.Miss Piggy from the local area will be an addition to the family. Macho Mich is a lovely Gal from Missouri . Snow is a Grandaughter to  The Bear (Whom we lost during the Tainted dog food fiasco) Hopefully she will pass on Bears Excelent Qualitys. Time will tell.  We have a new  Male now we call Leo, from Steelebulldogs .(No eye surgery or tail docking has been done in my adults)
 All English bulldog puppies when available are home raised with lots of people contact. Health-Temperment-Soundness and Conformation are top Priority Here.Bulldog Babies are sent to new familys at 8-10 weeks old.Vaccinations started and Vet checked. All Bulldog puppies come with Full A.K.C. reg. unless specified otherwise. All puppies are guaranteed healthy at time of sale. All adults are easy breathers.
                     NO SMOKE AND MIRRORS HERE !  
                      No Inbreeding done here...
                      What you see is what you Get.
I do not make a waiting list ! No deposits requested on puppies that aren't born..! I do not sell other peoples Bulldogs. Visit links to see photos of the Bulldogs -Available bulldog puppies,Previous bulldog puppies,and prices ,(Serious Inquiries only Please )When Inquiring about a Bull Baby Please fill in SUBJECT line. Or your mail will be SPAMMED.
    No puppies sold to Brokers,Dealers,or Pet shops.
 Our home phone number is 304-986-1375 if you would prefer to call.