No rabbits are available - I am currently busy with school and work. I apologize for any inconvenience!


     My name is Caroline Campbell and I am the owner of Hillbilly Hops Rabbity.

    The Holland Lops started off as a my little brother's 4-H project, but I fell in love with the breed and decided to start a rabbitry of my own. I love animals and raising rabbits has been a wonderful experience for me.

I encourage anyone interested in rabbits to own a Holland Lop as they make the most goofy and sweet pets! Their great dispositions allow them to suit virtually any person of any age.

    The success of Hillbilly Hops is owed to a great friend who has helped us each step of the way, from choosing rabbits to babysitting the first litter of kits. Thank you so much to all those who support our business.