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Revealing The Heathen Sun - Out Now!

The long awaited album of Hildr Valkyrie "Revealing The Heathen Sun" is finaly out! 

For you orders please contact with Stygian Crypt Productions at (for those who are impatient) or (for those who have patience, till to recieve the copies in my hands). 
To all those who will order from, will recieve a free gift with their copy as a small thank you for their Support, Trust and Honor!

Stay True, Stay Heathens and Strong! ...and the Battle goes on!  


Time has come to give in public the first official video of the album "Revealing the Heathen Sun" as we finally have a release date on November 3rd of "2017" 
A lot more will folllow! Stay Tuned... Stay True, Stay Heathens and Strong!


Today I am very proud to give in public the cover artwork of the upcoming album of Hildr Valkyrie "Revealing the Heathen Sun" made by SET Inside (Russia) and logo made by Bob Gys (Belgum)! The album has been reamped-mixed and mastered at WSL-Studio (France) and it will be released by Stygian 
Crypt Productions.
And not just that, in a few days when the release date will be announced, the first official video clip of the album will be released as well as the starting point of the continuing of a new era, there will be much more! Stay tuned, stay True, stay Heathens and Strong!

Hildr Valkyrie: Music, Lyrics, All Vocals, Keyboards, Tin Whistle, Percussions, Tabor, Drum Programming.

Nothing would be possible without Jan Twothousandarrows on Guitars, Bass and Drum programming

Thiseas Lykos for his help on Lyrics to: The Rune's Song, We Are Heathens, Over Lands Mountains and Shade, Final Blot. 

Runahild for her help on Lyrics to the Norwegian part of "Summoning the Heathen Fire" and her Voice on it!


After a long time of lack of updates, the time came to update the site with some more info that took place the last 2 years, such as more collaborations with Elffor, Emyn Muil and more... further more I have to let you know that I took myself out of Karkav because of many reasons that had to do with the leader of the band.

One more new is that finally the new long waiting album of Hildr Valkyrie "Revealing the Heathen Sun" will be out by Stygian Crypt, news such as dates and lay out and more will follow soon. 


Because of lack of time, the site had stopped to be refreshed for long time... the process for the new album are in a good way, for the time the new album is send to the sound producer and it is waiting to be produced, further more you will find some new collaborations under the collaborations page in the year of "2014" and "2015" one sample is this: Karkav - The Sun Reflecting Our Shields 



For the users of Google+: 

Hildr Valkyrie is now and on Google+. 
As in every page, Google+ will also have it's exclusive posts and goodies!

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Teaser from the Upcoming Album "Revealing The Heathen Sun"


 Except the new facebook page you can now visit the brand new bandcamp profile of Hildr Valkyrie and explore her  music at


Freddy Skogstad the vocalist and one of the founder of the National Romantic Black Metal band Voluspaa Honored for once again and United in his musical journey with Hildr Valkyrie on the 20th Anniversary of his band! Below follows a comment by Freddy Skogstad for the upcoming release of Voluspaa! 

"It is very early in the album phase, but what I can say about the album so far is that the music seems to be more groovy, extreme and viking like than on Åsa. The songs on this album will be made by the band, but the backbone of most of the songs will be made by Oscar (guitarist) and me. This will color the music of Voluspaa in a different degree than the Åsa album, but the music of Voluspaa shall be and become Voluspaa…this is Norwegian National Romantic Black Metal"
Freddy Skogstad

You can listen a track with the title “Viking” from Voluspaa’s upcoming album. The female vocals is done by Hildr Valkyrie.


With a lot of Pride, I announce you the brand new Russian Fansite at VK
running by Katerina Antonova and Lucifer Bathory 
(thank you so much both!!!) 

I hope you will enjoy it and support it!!! 


Join the Official Facebook Page of Hildr Valkyrie for the Lasterst News and Updates!

This page was created by Axel and thanks to him Hildr Valkyrie had a presence on Facebook. Since 2013/07/03 Axel kindly passed the page to Hildr Valkyrie herself and now it is running Official.

We are looking forward for your Support! 

Spread the news by forwarding this update to your contacts.

Thank you all in advance!
Hildr Valkyrie


Prophecy Productions, just announced the new release by Helrunar and Árstí∂ir Lífsins which is called "Fragments - A Mythological Excavation".  Helrunar's "Wein für Polyphem" -“Οἶνος πρὸ τοῦ Πολυφήμου”- draws from Homer's "Odyssey" and they honoured Hildr Valkyrie to join them to this song, adding the presence of Athena.

Release date: 05.07.2013


Today Hildr Valkyrie has finnished the recordings for the upcoming album "Gryningen" of Eliwagar!

On this cd, Runahild sings and plays 3 old traditional norwegian instruments: hardanger fiddle, bowed lyre and langeleik, in addition she plays also flute and cello. Her husband Bjørn Dahl plays electric guitar, Roar Ruus Finsås joined to play bass, Wargnar the drums, Nils Ailo Sara Labba, a Sami friend of the band, plays the lead guitar on some songs and Hildr Valkyrie (Greece) is guest singer on 2 songs.

"Gryningen" will come out in a deluxe digipack 6 panels + 20 pages booklet + 2 stickers.

Please visit for more details!


Folkodia  - The Fall Of The Magog

Relase Date: 29/03/2013

Track List:

1. The Emperor’s Words  
2. The Fall of the Magog  
3. The Tenth Legion  
4. Hannebu Rising  
5. Soldier of Rome  
6. Apophis  
7. Muli Mariani  
8. Deafen Clamor  
9. Spartans  
10. Under the Wings of Aquila

Released by Stygian Crypt

Contest announcement:

Create some nice fanart that it will be placed in the Media page of this website, the best 3 ones will be the winners of 3 secret prizes. 

The contest starts from the 1st of March and ends 1st of May! 

Fanart can be send by e-mail to with the title: Fanart Contest.

Fanart will be separated in 2 sections, the "digital art" and the "craft" one. Digital art can be wallpapers, skins or whatever you think it will be usefull for download and the crafts section can be photos of your handmade work f.e. woodburn. Both sections themes has to do with Hildr Valkyrie.

The prizes will be announced when the 3 final winners will be chosen! 

Elffor's "Heriotz Sustraiak" is out now!



Enter the realm of Elffor and get your own copy before it is too late, only in 333 limited edition copies!

Release Date: 2012 December 27


Folkearth - Valhalla Ascendant 

Released Date 15/11/2012

1. Valhalla Ascendant  
2. Solstice Fires  
3. No Mercy  
4. Winter Enthroned  
5. Hrolfr, The Viking  
6. Dragon's Blood  
7. The Brave  
8. Sail in the Wind  
9. Carved in Runes  
10.The Legend of Thule

Released by Stygian Crypt Productions

This album was created by 14 musicians from 11 countries (Greece, Monaco, USA, Italy, Lithuania, Poland, Switzerland, Germany, Argentina, Russia, France) from bands and projects such as FOLKODIA, SUNUTHAR, BLACK KNIGHT SYMPHONIA, DOL AMROTH, HILDR VALKYRIE etc...


Elffor "Heriotz Sustraiak" Album Preview 

ELFFOR returns with stunning sixth full-length, "Heriotz Sustraiak" (Deadly Roots in english)
4 long tracks of pure Atmospheric Ambient BM... a tribute to the obscure and ancient!!

Counting with the special collaboration of Hildr Valkyrie on 2 songs and great musicians as Ametsgaizto (Drums), Jabo (Bass/ Guitar)and Lod Lott (Acoustic Guitar) members of Numen, Cerebral Effusion, Sffera, Apocalyptic...

Great cover drawn by master Igor Mugerza (

Format: DIGIBOOK (Limited only to 333 copies)
Label: Self- released
Available: Late December




Hildr Valkyrie joins Elffor's new album as guest vocalist! 

On the continuing of his music journey, Eöl from Elffor invited Hildr Valkyrie as guest vocalist to his brand new 
album entitled in Basque “Heriotz Sustraiak” 
(“Deadly Roots” in English).

Unique dark and majestic feelings, the trade mark of Eöl’s art, will flow over the atmosphere throughout his music pathways. Enchanted melodies, grim vocals and lyrical themes will astonish us for another time. 

For those who are interest to seek and learn about Eöl and his art, please visit:

more details will follow soon! 


More than 100.000 views 

The Hildr Valkyrie's myspace page has over passed the 100,000 views for a second time (since the first page was deleted). I have no words to say, just a huge thank you to all of you, for your great support through out these years!

Myspace nowadays seems to be "out of fashion" with less activity since facebook came on the scene; but some people we believe that remaining underground earns the respect of more people than those that comes and go! After all, facebook offers as much as the myspace page so there is no actual reason to create one there another page of the same!

Anyway, back to the main subject of this announcement, for the reason of the 100,000 views I refresed the layout of the page so to give you another motivate to enjoy your staying over there! Hopefully soon to have more new stuff to share with all of you!

Be well, stay metal, enjoy life, be createful... just be yourselves!

With my very best Regards

Hildr Valkyrie


Eliwagar and Hildr Valkyrie: Some Heathen Stories to Sing Along.

Runahild from Eliwagar, soon will start recording her new metal album and Hildr Valkyrie will take part as a guest presence to Runahild’s wonderful piece of art! The All-Mighty North will unite with Hellas in the name of Solidarity and long time Sisterhood!

In the name of the Gods
In the name of Traditions
In the name of a True Friendship

HV -“I am more than Proud for recording with my Sister Runahild, this collaboration was a long time wishfulness”

R - "It's a real pleasure for me to work together with HV, who has been my very first inspiration to make my own one woman band as well some years ago. Now looking forward to the recording very much :)"

 More details will follow soon...


Sacred Blood "Alexandros" 

Well, well, well.. my dear readers, I have a fresh new for you!

The Hellenic Epic Metal Band "Sacred Blood" will release their new album which is called "Alexandros" in 29 of May of "2012" by Pitch Black Records (Cyprus) and Proudly I announce you, that I took part for a second time as a Guest Vocalist to the recordings!

Album's track list:

1) The Warrior's Scion
2) The Bold Prince of Macedonia
3) The Battle of the Granicus (Persian in throes)
4) Marching to War
5) Death behind the walls
6) New God Rising (At the Oracle of Siwa)
7) Before the Gates of Ishtar
8) Battlefield Aenaon
9) Ride through the Achaemenid Empire
10) Heart of the Ocean (Nearchus advancing)
11) Macedonian Force
12) Legends Never Die

For more informations, please go to Sacred Blood's Official page


Folkearth - Minstrels By The River 

The Viking-Folk metal band Folkearth stroke again into this year, with the fantastic acoustic album Minstrels By The River! Lay down your swords and shields, close your eyes under the clear starry night sky, smell the fresh cold air and the perfume of the trees, rest for a while your wounded body onto a pack of leaves and strengthen yourself till the next battle begins! The Shield Maidens awaits...

1. Viking's anthem 
2. Beasts from the blizzard
3. Cataphract legion
4. Lord of the spear
5. Set sails to conquer !
6. Warrior code
7. Freedom or death
8. Folkearth
9. (traditional)

Line Up:

Folkearth - Lord of the Spear

Marios Koutsoukos-lyrics
Hildr Valkyrie-female vocals
Michaël Fiori (Saga)-music, lyrics,vocals
Anaïs Chevallier-female vocals
Billy Knockenhauer-acoustic guitars
Rhode Rachel –vocals
Robert Downing-fiddle , mandolin
Nostarion-Cello , lute
Dennis Schwachhofer-percussion
Emily Cooper-soprano recorder, tenor recorder , piccolo
Simon Müller –music
Yanina Zelenskaya-female vocals

Release Date: 07 September 2011
Lay out by Kris Verwimp
Stygian Crypt Records

Contact Hildr Valkyrie for your copy at: hildr_valkyrie at yahoo dot gr or hildr_folkearth at gmail dot com.


Sons of The North - Folkearth

Folkearth are back with their new fresh and kicking album Sons of the North that came to my hands after a long-long trip from Russia to Athens! For orders or any comments please contact to hildr_valkyrie at yahoo dot gr or hildr_folkearth at gmail dot com.

1. Sons of the North (6:53)
2. Rider on the Winds (3:54)
3. Taking Arms (4:05)
4. Lord of Serpents (3:56)
5. Wind of Conquest (4:30)
6. Ravens on the Wing (4:28)
7. Odin Wills It (4:00)
8. Black Knights (4:19)
9. To Vinland We Sail (3:43)
10. Defying the Storm (4:38)

Line up:
- Marios Koutsoukos / Lyrics
- Michaël Fiori (Saga) / Music, Lyrics, Vocals, Bass Guitar, Electric Guitars
- Hildr Valkyrie / Vocals
- Anaïs Chevallier / Vocals
- Rhode Rachel / Vocals
- Metfolvik / Vocals
- Filip Vučković / Vocals
- Jaco / Music, Guitars, Bass Guitar
- Gianluca Tamburini / Music, Guitars, Bass Guitar
- Kyle Freese / Drums
- Dennis Schwachhofer / Drums
- Robert Downing / Fiddle
- Blackheart Nostarion / Cello
- Emily Cooper / Soprano Recorder, Piccolo, Tenor Recorder
- Juan Pablo “Juskko” Chuttuarin / Accordion

Release date: 12/04/2011
Lay out by Kris Verwimp


Folk Soul - A Second Compilation of Odinist Artists 
Folk Soul is the second release on the Odinic Rite Media label and is the sequel to “Folk Spirit – A Compilation of Odinist Artists”

The album features 15 unique track by 14 different artists and will appeal to a wide variety of musical tastes with various genres represented.

Hildr Valkyrie has the "last word" to this compilation with the brand new track "Vanadis Hall"

Please note that initially this album is only available as a download. It is possible that a limited run of CDs may be made available later on.

For More Details please visit here...