Paris, 16-18 December 2019

The goal of this meeting is to introduce the participants to the notions of Hilbert schemes and Mckay correpsondence in relation with singularity theory.
The meeting will take place at Université of Paris (Université Paris Diderot).


Alastair Craw (Bath):  The McKay correspondence without derived categories.
Javier Fernandez de Bobadilla (Bilbao): Reflexive modules on Gorenstein Stein surfaces and singularities.
Diane Maclagan (Warwick): Multigraded Hilbert schemes.
Maria Pe Pereira (Madrid): 
Tête-à-tête twists, monodromies of singularities and representations of elements of the mapping class group.


Pooneh Afsharijoo, Ana Belen de Felipe, Hussein Mourtada, Matteo Ruggiero, Bernard Teissier.


Elodie Destrebecq