What I can help with

My focus is on the person, rather than the problem.  I see people who are suffering emotionally, for whatever reason.  I see people who are struggling to cope with difficulties in their lives, whether recent or long-standing. 

But that said, there are certain situations that come up frequently.  I am experienced in helping with various forms of anxiety and depression.  I am especially experienced in helping with bereavement, loss, and illness, and with relationship problems (I see couples as well as individuals).  I also work with low self-esteem and self-destructive behaviours; with work problems, stress, family problems, feelings of being overwhelmed; loss of confidence; and the after-effects of trauma and abuse.  Many of my clients have come for help with feelings of being stuck or trapped in negative situations. Some come for help with controlling their anger or other problematic emotions.  Others are simply unhappy without really knowing why, and others want to know themselves better and discover more about their true selves and what they really want and need.  Sometimes people want guidance and support in making difficult decisions.  I have often helped clients explore their spirituality, whatever their personal faith.

Occasionally clients will come with a problem that needs specialist support, maybe from a team of health professionals: such as severe eating disorders, alcoholism, chronic addictions and severe OCD, longstanding mental illness and psychosis.  In those cases I’ll refer them on to appropriate support services.  However I will and do work with people who have family members with those kinds of problems.  

My training is in counselling adults (18 plus).  I have worked with adolescent clients, but generally I prefer to refer children and young people to a counsellor specialising in this age group.