WWII Voices: American GI's and the French Women Who Married Them

by Hilary Kaiser

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As stated in the Introduction: "Just like their WWI Doughboy predecessors, American GI’s landing in Normandy in June 1944 and in Provence in August 1944 might well have uttered the famous phrase, which was mistakenly attributed to General Pershing: 'Lafayette, nous voilà'—Lafayette here we are." This book gives voice to a number of those GI’s, as well as to French women who met and married American soldiers after the war. The core of the book is made up of first-person reminiscences and poems that were collected during two separate oral history projects conducted by the author. Chronologies and a general introduction situate the stories in their historical context, and biographical details about the interviewees accompany each story. The introduction to Part II is an adapted and translated version of a paper the author gave on French war brides of World War II at the Memorial Museum in Caen.

HILARY KAISER, Ph.D., is American by birth and French by marriage. The daughter of a GI who fought in Japan during World War II, she is an oral historian and an Associate Professor Emerita of the University of Paris.

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