Author & Editor

Hilary writes in both English and French.

A World War I and World War II history buff, she is the author of the paperback and e-book French War Brides in America: Mademoiselle & the American Soldier,  WWII Voices: American GI's and the French Women Who Married Them; as well as French War Brides in America: an Oral History (originally entitled Des Amours de GIs: les petites fiancées du Débarquement) and Veteran Recall: Americans in France Remember the War, which is called Souvenirs de Vetérans in the French translation).

Hilary has also published various articles in academic journals and in the press. She is a member of the Bay Area Travel Writers Association.  Click here to see some of her various articles.

In addition, Hilary has worked as an editor for various editing agencies in Paris. She was Editor-in-Chief for two years of Panache, the newsletter of the Paris Alumni Network (PAN).