Parilia 2012

Celebrating Rome's birthday - April 21, 2012
Friends, Romans, Countrymen!

On April 21 the Central Carolinas Society of the Archaeological Institute of America and the Department of Classics at Davidson College will celebrate the ancient Roman festival of Parilia right here in Davidson NC! This annual festival honored both the 'birthday' of the city Rome and Pales, an agricultural goddess.

Thanks to a grant from the Archaeological Institute of America, there will be an epic celebration of the Parilia.  This celebration will consist of Roman rituals celebrating this special day (as we know them from Ovid and Varro), painting real frescoes according to the ancient Roman methods, and good food (Roman ritual food, grilled food, and goodies!).

Where: Erwin Lodge (1345 Grey Road • Davidson NC 28036)
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Festa di Pales, o L'estate (1783)

Parking is very limitedWe encourage members of the Davidson community to come on foot; Keyne Cheshire will lead a group from the football field behind the Baker Sports Complex at 2:45 pm. We would ask that others carpool. 

When: 3 to 5 pm

Please follow this link to reserve your spot at the Parilia! Reserving your spot allows us to make sure that we have the right amount of food and painting materials for all! Please contact Hilary Becker ( with any questions.

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