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If you have questions or would like to get a quote.

Welcome to my site!

All of my items are handmade, and I do custom orders.
If you are interested in any of my items, please go to the commissions page and follow the instructions there. It will make things a lot simpler and quick for both of us! 

Trades are closed right now, I'm going to be limiting them to two at a time. They will reopen probably at the end of August.

I might be closing down my Etsy store so I can focus more on this website. I've met several awesome people there and made some great sales, but I cannot really keep up with so many sites! 
Also, my blog is no longer being updated. I was unable to access it for several months, and I have been updating my DeviantArt and Furaffinity accounts with my daily life updates. 

If you haven't heard, I have an Ebay link! My username is Ryuu26 and I will be selling items from time to time there.                         

Commissions are:
Open! Please see my commissions page if you are interested!
There is currently NO waitlist!
Commissions should be completed in about three weeks.