Wednesday Hikes on Mount Tamalpais

Every Wednesday we offer hikes ranging from 3-4 miles up to 12-15 miles in length. Everyone is welcome on these hikes; you do not have to be a member of anything to join us. You must always bring a lunch and water, wear good hiking boots, and be able to keep up with the group. These hikes are on uneven terrain and are not accessible to everyone. Be on time; we leave the meeting place at the time stated, and do not wait for latecomers. Most of our hikes are accessible by Golden Gate Transit (GGT). Rain or inclement weather can cancel a hike without notice, at the leader's discretion.

Our hikes are graded by a number-letter code indicating length and uphill climbing:

Mini hikes -- 3 to 4 miles and up to 500 ft in elevation gain.

1A hikes   -- 5 to 6 miles and up to 1000 ft in elevation gain.

2B hikes   -- 6 to 10 miles and up to 2000 ft in elevation gain.

3C hikes -- 10 to 15 miles and up to 3000 ft in elevation gain.

This site has current information for the Mini, 1A and 2B.

Hazards and Liability

Hiking has risks, and safety is a high priority on every outing.  Hazards include uneven trails, drop-offs, slippery rocks, stream crossings, wildlife encounters, and even auto accidents.  Participants are expected to be able to safely negotiate the trails that they choose to hike. In addition hikers must be cognizant of poison oak and ticks.  The hiking group assumes no collective or individual liability for any mishaps. Hiking is at your own risk.

The Hiketam website provides public information only and is not part of any club or organization.  Hikers gather informally and hike at their own risk. Hike leaders are volunteers and should not be relied upon to have any special skills or training. 

For emergency services on Mt. Tam, cell phone users are advised to call 911.

Our two most used meeting places are (1) rear parking lot of the CVS Pharmacy, 759 E. Blithedale Ave. Mill Valley; and (2) the so-called FAIRFAX PARKADE in downtown Fairfax (the parking lot across from the Fairfax Theater). Reservations are not required, just show up. Always go to the meeting place: don't go directly to the trailhead because hike plans and trailheads may change at the last minute.

For information on a specific hike, call the leader (the leader's phone number is at the end of each hike entry). Some leaders list their email address also.

For information and links to other Bay Area hiking groups: http://www.bahiker.com 
For Sierra Club San Francisco Bay Chapter hikes: http://www.sfbay.sierraclub.org/hiking 

For Golden Gate Transit's current schedules:  

There are additional Wednesday 2B hikes each week in the East Bay. For information about the current schedule, contact Wilma Austern at 510-521-7358 or wnaustern@aol.com.

As a courtesy to the California Alpine Club, we call your attention to their hiking program: The California Alpine Club offers hikes on every Sunday and some Saturdays. These hikes leave from Mountain Home at 9:30 am. For information on these hikes, email tarenhf@comcast.net. Or check their website: https://www.californiaalpineclub.org 

Many of today's hike leaders learned the Tamalpais terrain from Bob Muller, our emeritus hike leader. 

Thanks, Bob!