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Hikes gallery with links to blog

This section lists the hikes from the HikeHongKong blog that I found especially nice (rated 7 out of 10 or above). It is meat to give you a quick way to pick a trail that is going to be good, without having to scan trough the hundreds of blog pages.

Please remember to clean-up after yourself on a trail; leaving water bottles, bags, any rubbish is not acceptable. 


MacLehose Section 4 & 5

Duration: (23.3 kilometers) Between 7 and 9 hours depending on walking speed (took me 7.5)

Difficulty: 10/10. There are steep climbs for a good part of the trails and the two sections are over 22 kilometers. Inexperienced hikers will likely suffer. Bring a flashlight, just in case you can't reach the end of Section 5 before dark

Appreciation: 9/10. Great views of the mountains and then Kowloon (go on a clear day)

 MacLehose Section 3

Duration: (10.2 kilometers) Between 4 and 5 hours depending on walking speed (took us 4)

Difficulty: 8/10. There are two steep climbs but each time, they are no more than 25 minutes long.

Appreciation: 8/10. The views are nice, although most of the same as Section 2, but without the beaches. 


MacLehose Section 1 & 2

Duration: 24.1 kilometers. About 7 hours.

Difficulty: Section one is a road, 90% flat. Really easy. Section 2 has some more challenging hills. About 300 meters hike up. I'd say 7/10

Appreciation: 10/10. The views are incredible, especially in Section 2. Long Ke beach really, really nice

Cheung Chau Island short loop

Duration: About 2 hours

Difficulty: 3/10. Flat and paved

Appreciation: 7/10. Nice relaxing walk

Lion Rock

Duration: About 4 hours total. 1 hour from Wong Tai Sin MTR to trail head (#1). 1 hour from trail head to bottom of Lion Head stairs (#2). 1 hour to Reunification pavillion (#4). One hour back to Wong Tai Sin

Difficulty: 7/10. Beginner hikers may find it tiring as there are quite steep climbs

Appreciation: 8/10. City views are really nice

Sai Kung: Tai Lon Sai Wan

Duration: Excluding the waterfall hiking and any break: 3.5/4 hours walk (about 8k) to the Sha Tau pier. 5 hours (about 9.5k) to the bus stop on Pak Tam road

Difficulty: To Ham Tin Wan, easy and mostly downhill. A bit of incline afterwards over a longer distance

Appreciation: 10/10. The beach views are incredible, you'd think you're in Hawaii

  Ng Tung Chai

Duration: About 1.5 hour

Difficulty: Easy all the way to the bottom fall. Going to Middle and Main fall requires a bit more willingness to climb steps

Appreciation: 10/10 is you love waterfalls


Sheung Wan

Duration: About a 1 hour walk up to however long if you shop

Difficulty: Easy. Flat.

Appreciation: 8/10 if you want to soak in the culture

Monkey Hill (Kam Shan Country Park)

Duration: About a 1.5 hour walk.

Difficulty: Easy to Medium. The first part has quite a few steps to climb. About 300 feet altitude to climb.

Appreciation: 10/10 if you are there for the monkeys. 4/10 otherwise.

Tai Tam Mound Waterfall

Duration: About 15 minutes walk

Difficulty: Really easy. Very slight incline

Appreciation: 9/10 is you love waterfalls. Although this is the short trail mainly for taking a refreshing dip on a hot summer day

Tai Tam Resevoir & Waterfall, another way

Duration: About 2.5/3 hours walk.45 minute at the waterfall is nice

Difficulty: Easy. Slight incline at times

Appreciation: 8/10 is you love waterfalls. Some nice views

Discovery Bay to Mui Wo

Duration: About 2 hours walk

Difficulty:There's a 20 minutes/120 meters climb that's a bit painful when it is very hot (I did it a 33c/90% humidity)

Appreciation: 9/10. Great views. Monastery is interesting

Lantau island: Ngong Ping (Big Buddha) to Tung Chung via rescue trail

Duration: About a 3 hours walk

Difficulty: Downhill pretty much all the way. However, there are zillions of steps and it will be a good workout. I'd say it's not for people totally unfit

Appreciation: 7/10, some nice views but you have to go on a clear day

 Victoria Peak hop; Central to Pok Fu Lam

About 2 hours of walking.

Difficulty: The second part is a bit steeper but unless you are very out-of-shape, nothing terribly hard.

Appreciation: 8/10 for the view from the Peak.If you have been to the Peak & Central before, meh, maybe 5/10

Dragon's Back Option 2: MTR and walk to trail. No bus on the way

Duration: About 2.5 hours of walking.

Difficulty: About 250 steep steps for the first part which are going to be challenging if you are a beginner, quite easy afterwards.

Appreciation: 8/10. First 1/3 of the trail is nothing to write home about. Second third is nice, shaded walk but without much of a view. Last third if breathtaking; amazing views from the Dragon's Back. Shek-O beach.