Be prepared for your hike

  • Put on at least SPF 35 sunscreen on your face and neck and SPF 20+ on the rest of your exposed body parts. I find that for the body, spray sunscreen covers better. 
  • A hat with a large brim will make extremely hot and sunny days more bearable
  • Invest in good socks; they will make a big difference on long hikes
  • Obviously, good shoes are a must. Don't go cheap on shoes, you'll suffer the consequences!
  • If you don't want to get caught by nightfall on a trail, with no batteries in your flashlight, get one with a crank. You'll never have to worry about batteries again
  • One of the best purchases I have made is a waterproof backpack. Sure, they are ugly. But if it starts raining or if you are stream-trekking, you'll be glad you did buy one!
  • I carry an extra t-shirt in my backpack and I change when I'm done hiking. I found that the insane air-conditioning of the MTR will give me the chills and I will get sick when the -30 air hits the sweat
  • 2 large water bottles are in order
  • I only recently discovered the virtues of stretching. I sort of didn't believe in it before (I know, I know, that was stupid). But trust me, if you do 2 minutes of stretching before and after your hike, you'll recover faster, you won't be stiff and you'll also sleep better. Google "stretching for hiking"