Be mindful of the risks

  • Yeah, there are snakes in Hong Kong. First tiem I saw one, I thought it was a worm! Little brown thing that just slithered off the trail. Anyhow, they are usually harmless but some are dangerous. Read about them and if ever you get bitten, try to take a picture of the snake (I know, not obvious) or at least write down what it looked like somewhere and call 999. Here's a few sites to help you get acquainted to those critters:
  • If you are stream-trekking, be careful of flash-floods; if it starts to rain heavily while you're in the stream and the water starts to muddy, there is a high risk of flash flood; get out of the stream and take the high ground
  • 40 degrees celsius, no shades and climbing Sharp Peak? Your body may overheat. Stay hydrated, stop and if you find some shades, use it for a 5 minutes cool-down break. When I cross any trickle of water, I'll just soak my t-shirt in, put it back on and voila, instant cool-down
  • And of course, in the MTR, be mindful of the platform gap! ;-)