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Beer Cheese Chowder - Melt in your mouth!  This cheesy soup is perfect for those crisp fall days.  Make sure you use Heineken, as it adds the perfect "bite" to the taste.  And to kick it up a notch, try adding sausage.

Great Grandma's Potato Salad - Simple salad with a great taste!  As a young girl, I would go out with my mom in the summer to visit with my grandma for lunch.  She would always make us her yummy potato salad.  When I got a bit older I asked for the recipe.  It was probably one of the first things I cooked (with the help of mom, of course).

No-Bake Cookies - A family favorite.  I remember mom making these for us on many occasions.  So quick and simple.  This will satisfy your sweet tooth in a flash!