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July 2007

Why is it that bloggers seems to be so criptic about who they are?

I was married in July 2007 and found out two months later that I was 5 weeks pregnant.  Not quite, but almost, a honeymoon baby.  Brice arrived on May 22, 2008.  He is perfect in every way.  I also am a stepmom to a great 6-year-old boy.  We have him every weekend and usually see him once or twice during the week.  he just adores his dad. 

I was born in 1980 (now 28 at the writing of this) and am a Geology major at Portland State University - although, this has now been put to the back burner because of the baby.  I have just 5 classes to go and I can say I have my BS in Geology.  That will be a happy day for me to be able to say that.  I love rocks - can't get enough of geology. 

I live in the Hazel Dell area of Vancouver, WA.  I was born and raised here (except the 3 months we lived in Victoria, TX in 8th grade *shudder*).  For those unfamiliar, Portland, OR is just a couple minutes across the Columbia River.  I really like living in a town next to a big city.  I have everything I need just a short drive away.  Which is a good thing since Vancouver is sorely lacking in quilt shops and fabric stores. 

I love to quilt, sew (not clothes, though), crochet, stamp, and many other crafty things.  I also love photography and hope to sell my prints one day.  Just have to figure out how to do that.  I have hopes and aspirations of turning my sketches into patterns to sell.  I really enjoy taking something complicated looking and breaking it down into simple, easy steps for anyone to follow.  There is nothing that irritates me more than unnecessary steps in patterns. 

I also LOVE road trips.  Every summer for many, many years now my mom and I have taken a two week girls trip around the western US.  This year will find us adding in my husband and new baby (due May 2008).  We usually go the first two weeks of September, with our first stop at my Aunt's in Golden Valley, AZ.  She feeds us like there's no tomorrow - we just love it!  We find September is the best time to travel because kids are usually back in school and it starts to cool down in most of the national parks we visit.  We make it a point to stop for a night or two in Yellowstone National Park every year.  It's our favorite.  Other favorite stops include most of the National Parks in Utah (Capital Reef, Zion, Arches, Canyonlands), Yosemite NP and Mt. Rushmore and surrounding area.  Spearfish, SD has to be one of my favorite cities - and make sure not to miss Dakota Quilt's, also located there.