Breaking the "Hurry" Addiction

I recently had a conversation with a colleague of mine about the way in which society always feels the need to hurry— how we are consumed by our watches and the need to rush from place to place. I wanted to take a moment to remind you that this feeling is a conscious choice, not a condition over which you have no control. Here are a few tips to think about, in helping you live a life that is more centered and less focused on rushing like a slave to the clock:



 You have the right to choose NOT to feel this way.

The only person who can cause you to scuttle about, leave work late so that you get in your car and drive 10 miles per hour over the speed limit, yell at everyone around you at work, take your boss’ negativity to heart, never take a break, grab fast food on the way home, and neglect to exercise—is you! You can decide right now—today—that you aren’t going to be this way. You are master of your own thoughts and actions!




Create the life you want.

 Live in the present. Imagine the life you want. Begin to focus on how that looks and feels and what   it involves. Once you focus on what you want, you will actually be able to see it when it appears in your life (or perhaps that it has been there all along)! Creating this kind of positive energy will actually allow you to attract to you the things that you want and desire.




 Focus on what you CAN change, not on what you CAN’T.

Spend your time being mindful of the now. The Reiki precepts teach us that there is no point in being anxious over what has yet to come in the future or to agonize over what has happened in the past. Rather, spend your time contemplating current choices. What has the universe set up for you today? This is important because the attitude you project outwardly comes back to you. If love, graciousness and truth are your guides, they will return to you and impact the choices you have available to you in the future in a positive way. Take the time to choose to live as you want to live—now—in a mindful, intentional way.  





Be sincere about the life you want.

Ask yourself WHY you do the things you do. If your job is stressing you out, ask yourself why you do it. Is it to support all of the fancy things you own—a really big house, a fancy car and lots of expensive toys? There’s nothing wrong with those things, especially if they mean something to you. But it is important to be clear that having these things is why you are working your particular job—because it brings in enough money to pay for those things. If you truly want a different, lower paying career, decide that the tradeoff of fewer things is worth it, and make the trade. With it comes the lower stress of being somewhere you don’t want to be.

             Facing the truth in all things, including ourselves, isn’t always easy. But, when we look deeply at our own behavior and motivations, and the roles various people and things                         play in our lives, we can develop deep compassion and understanding. Living a life of illusion is much more complex, as denial blocks us from the truth. Clarity is far simpler.                     It allows us to be aligned with our higher-self's true purpose. In doing this, we project honestly onto others, attracting honesty, love and grace back to us energetically in                             return, creating greater harmony in our lives.





Consider some exercises to help you slow down:  write down your thoughts and feelings, take deep breaths before rushing out the door or having that tense conversation. Try some tea or calming essential oils.  Start a meditation practice.  

Find out what works for you and practice it daily to calm your mind and sharpen your focus. This will enable you to see the opportunities available to you that are in line with your true self.





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