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The last course I taught was the following:
Social Cognition (2-RM). Syllabus available here (this course was 2nd best evaluated research master degree course). At the time I taught there, this program was one of the top programs in Dutch scientific education

In the past, I have also taught: Academische Vaardigheden (1-BA @ VU; 1-BA @ UvT), Inleiding Psychologie - GZW (1-BA @ VU; Introduction to Psychology for Health Sciences), Opzetten van Onderzoek (3-BA; Research Methods), Motivation & Emotion (1-RM; with Sander Koole), Groepsvaardigheden (2-BA @ UvT; Professional Skills Course on Interacting in Groups for Psychology Students), and Applied Social Psychology (1-AM; syllabus still available here; this course won the award for best evaluated master's degree course in 2013 in the entire TSB Faculty, and was the second best course in 2014).

For my syllabi: if you are an instructor, please feel free to use my syllabus. Just let me know if you do, and, if you could, provide me with suggestions if you feel you can improve the course!

Abbrevations denote the following:
BA: Bachelor; AM: Applied Master; RM: Research Master, with number denoting year in degree

Furthermore, with Lotte van Dillen (Leiden University), I coordinate the Interpersonal Processes track for our National Social Psychology Institute, the Kurt Lewin Institute

Usually I am also willing to supervise students who want to conduct research in our labs for either a thesis or an internship, so feel free to get in touch with me!