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I recently talked about our research in De Balie in Amsterdam, a forum dedicated to talk about science in theatres, announced in De Volkskrant (all in Dutch). 

Our Solid Psychological Science Symposium was covered by multiple bloggers (see here, here, here, and here) and at the independent website associated with Tilburg University Univers. For a similar initiative, see also Chris Chambers' letter to The Guardian registration, which I co-signed. 

Scientias - Dutch Science Website, May 2013 (In Dutch): De macht van aanraking onderzocht. 

Multiple (positive) book reviews regarding "Dit Verklaart Alles" (This Explains Everything), a book to which I contributed, for example in De Volkskrantor at Goodreads, March, 2013. We also discussed this book on Dutch national TV in the show VPRO Boeken

Scientias - Dutch Science Website, March, 2013 (In Dutch): Waar moet het heen met de sociale psychologie?

Scheire en de Schepping - Belgian TV Show on Science, February 2013 (In Dutch): De vorst der vorsers. 

Univers - Tilburg University Magazine, January 2012: New App: Social Knowledge (p. 24)

Scientias - Dutch Science Website, December, 2012 (In Dutch): De menselijke geest doorgronden: There's an app for that!

New York Times, December, 2012: The Chill of Loneliness (see also APS' Website). 

De Groene Amsterdammer - Major Dutch Magazine, November, 2012 (In Dutch): Offensief tegen Wetenschappelijk Bedrog. Lieg Niet, Steel Niet

De Psycholoog reviewed my dissertation (in Dutch). 

Pavlov Radio Interview - Dutch National Radio, March 5, 2011 (In Dutch): Handelen in stressvolle situaties

Quest Psychologie - Major Dutch Science Magazine, January 2011 (In Dutch, please note that this is a large file): Opslaan als...: Informatie verwerk je met je brein en je lichaam

FunX Radio Interview - Dutch National Radio, November 2010 (In Dutch): Weetje van de dag

NRC Handelsblad - Major Dutch Newspaper, November 2010 (in Dutch): Denken met je lichaam

Intermediair - Major Dutch Magazine, August 2010 (in Dutch): Hollands glorie

Scienceflash TV Interview, August 2010 (in Dutch): Warme gevoelens zijn letterlijk warm!

NRC Handelsblad - Major Dutch Newspaper, July 2010 (in Dutch): VU meet hormonen van mannen tijdens finale

Current Office Insight, March 2010: Sensory metaphors: More than meets the ear

The Situationist, January 2010: The Embodied Situation of Metaphor

We're Only Human - Wray Herbert's Science Blog, September 2009: Cold shoulder, warm heart