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Research Interests:
Very broadly, I am interested in social dynamics. More specifically, I have become interested in cognitive models for relationships and of culture. How do people generate concepts about and adaptive goals for relationships? In a couple of empirical papers, we find that physical warmth shapes people's concepts about close others. In more recent work, I have come to believe that thermoregulation is vital to close interactions and forms the basis for how people deal with one another. 

Academic Background:
I received my Bachelor degree majoring in Psychology and minoring in French and International Studies: Spanish from Saint Vincent College in Latrobe, PA (the home of the banana split, Mr. Rogers, and, until 1963, pro-football). After briefly teaching English in Santos, Brazil, I went on to receive a research master's degree at the William James' graduate school in Social Psychology from VU University, Amsterdam. During my master's program, I was also a visiting scholar with Dov Cohen at the University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign

I then proceeded as a research assistant and then Ph. D. candidate with Gün Semin at Utrecht University (with Dov as my co-supervisor). During my Ph. D. track, I was a visiting scholar at Pontifícia Universidade Católica de São Paulo and the Warsaw School of Social Psychology

After my Ph. D. track, I first had a job as assistant professor at the Social & Organizational Psychology department at VU University, Amsterdam. In 2011, I started my current job as assistant professor at the Department of Social Psychology at Tilburg University, where I was awarded with the Veni Grant. This grant allowed me to be a visiting scholar at the University of Virginia (with Jim Coan) and the Center for Open Science (with Brian Nosek). As of January 2015, I have moved to Clinical Psychology at VU University, Amsterdam, where I will explore new grounds. From February - April, I will also be a fellow at the Netherlands Institute for Advanced Studies in the Humanities and Social Sciences, where we (Jim Coan, Harry Reis, Julianne-Holt-Lunstad, Spike Lee, and I) will examine relationships between social relations, technology, and health. 

Social Psychology for the Public:
On top of these research interests, I am also interested in how social psychology can serve a societal function. In 2006, I founded a magazine which communicates social psychology to a lay audience. Currently, the In-Mind Foundation is an international organization with over 80 volunteer scientists. For more information or author guidelines, see:
English (Editors-in-chief: Dylan Selterman)
German (Editors-in-chief: Rene Kopietz, Oliver Genschow, & Malte Friese)
Portuguese (Editors-in-chief: TBA)
Italian (Editors-in-chief: Giulio Boccato & Luca Andrighetto)
Dutch (Editors-in-chief: Sanne Nauts & Eefje Rondeel)

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