rachnaspace is what I go by on the web. This is what I believe in. And, here's my take on life. CrossFit is my opium, and here's a small contribution. I learned (still learning) a lot from life, people I met, and over here.

The bug bit me the day I was namedI started my first venture (greeting cards) when I was 10, the second one (apparels) when I was 13 - made money just enough to buy me some luxuries and lend some to siblingsFew years later, I again had a blast as a startup team member of an e-learning venture. Then I got busy 9 to 5 (though I got to meet some of the finest geeks and business folks). I know thin is in, but I am hungry again.

Oh, and the usual LinkedInFacebookTwitter, stuff I read, some smokerings of my mind... 

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