In this section we show what games are being planned for the future and any other useful information

If you have any queries about the Wycombe Gaming Group please E-mail me at the address

8th May

Well quarterly updates seem to have gone to half a year at a time, I'll try to set this up but the GMs do get a little touchy when I push them for an update
Rogue Trader has Finished and Deadlands has formed, D&D 3.5 group is still going but is in the closing stages of the campaign (57 weeks and still going!)
Other tables should be put up by the end of the week (knowing previous times, there is no gurantee of this)
There is a 5e D&D group which looks to be doing 2e now? Will check
7th Sea still going from what I have heard
Best place for updates is facebook which has weekly updates (far more reliable than what you see here)
Links & Event been updated (was woefully behind have removed a few links) anything going on you like me to draw attention to either email me or chuck something on Facebook and I'll add to that page

26th September

Feels longer but here we are again!
We lost two tables, not sure if it was due to the students moving back to whence they came or they found somewhere else to play, we still have 4 tables in play!
D&D 3.5 is still going strong, Discworld changed to Rogue Trader and Rogue Trader changed to 7th Sea, the Pendragon group are still playing as far as I know but yet the receive an update, I'd be lying considering my previous track record that I'll get an update soon.
The three other tables have had their pages updated, for more info check out the links for some of them or join our facebook page!

2nd May

Been a while but first update of the year, we have been busy, am in the process of updating the page but we have 6 tables now!
D&D 1, Pendragon & Rogue Trader will be updated in due course.
New game and updates for D&D 2, D&D 3 & GURPs Disworld are up.

15th November

Well next week was optimistic, here we are in the winter months now for an update.
The Star wars group have sadly left us, we wish them well where ever they have gone.
GURPS & Warhammer Fantasy have finished and has become Pendragon & Dragonage.
We have had a huge demand for D&D, as a result we now have two tables (Both 5th edition).
Rogue Trader is finishing soon, when it does the table will be split into two tables, one table is yet to be decided while the other table with be another D&D! (3.5 edition)

1st May

Updates still to come but D&D 5th edition is now up, information is a little light at the moment but the game has only just begun, hope to have the other two Tables updated next week.

24th April

It has been quite a gap since the last update, demands of my new workplace are the reason for that and hopefully we will get back to quarterly updates again this year.
Two of the pages have been updated, GURPS & Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay (taking over from Freeport).
Hope to have an update on the other three tables, yes you heard me right we now have new table! D&D 5th edition started a few weeks ago and hope to have it on these pages soon.
Kevin I'm still looking for my camera it is lost in bedroom so it might take a little while to find, managed to lift a mugshot of yours off facebook, when I find my carmera I'll update it.

13th December

The burdens of working Full time are stating to show hence the update is a bit late.
Cthulhu & Fallout have finished, in their Place we have Star Wars Saga & Freeport, pages have been updated.
Have added story so far to Freeport & Rogue Trader if you like to see what has been going on in more depth.
Will add images soon so you know who the GMs are.
The Facebook group has opened its doors to anyone to join (except you bots, yes you, I'm watching you!).

9th August

Not long this time but some change has happened.
D&D 3.5 & Cthulhutech finished and Rogue Trader & Savage Worlds have replaced them, Rogue is yet to be updated where as Worlds has.
GURPS was taking a break so no update until next week but Call of Cthulhu has been done.
Camera is out of action but GM pics will hopefully be up near the end of this week.

18th May

It has been a little while now, I like to update the site often but I don't want the GMs to bite me so here is the update minus the bite marks.
Cthulhu finished then was replaced by FATE then another Cthulhu hopped up in its place.
Warhammer finished and D&D 3.5 took its place, in a few weeks time it will be replaced by Rogue Trader, due to intense demand, spaces are not available for Rogue Trader.
Cthulhutech is still running but the current game is taking a break for a few weeks, hence the page not updated.
GURPS continues strong and has been updated.
Cthulhu & D&D have more weekly info on their obsianportal website, check the bottom of their pages for the links.

3rd March

A while since last update but here it is.
We have had a few newcomers to the group which is good and we have 4 full tables at this time, they maybe room for more if the games change but we do have space for 2 more groups.
The games on the side have been updated currently running are Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay, Call of Cthulhu, Cthulhutech & GURPS.
Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay will be ending soon and either will be replaced by a Laundry Files or Dungeons & Dragons.
Likewise Call of Cthulhu will also be finishing soon and will have a Space Opera FATE to replace it.

25th November

Been quite a gap, things have been busy and the GMs don't want to be pestered too often, so I'll update from now on when a new game starts and every 3 months for other running games.
Cthulu, M&M and Anima ended Shadowrun and Savage Worlds take their place.
Savage Worlds is due to end soon, not sure what the new game to that is.
Images hope to be put up on the 26-27th.
The Guild Hall will not be open for the weeks containing Christmas and New Year (24th & 31st) we will be back on the 7th Janurary.

23rd August

Previous week my game was cancelled so did not update, this week I got a partial update (fair few grumblings from GMs).
Muatants & Masterminds and The Laudary Files have had updates, my camera broke so Phil's image will be put up next week.
Should have the rest of the tables by then.
Call of Cthulhu game died this week so might need to update next week to reflect the new chars, in any case it is all on their Obsidian Portal.

7th August

The two New tables have started this week, Savage Worlds has changed again to Mutants and Masterminds (V2) run under Phillip and has spaces, all tables will be updated next week.
The exception is Call of Cthulhu which has offered their update early. (Very odd but if this is how the outer worlds do things, then thats fine with me)
Mutants and Masterminds page is up, it will be updated next week.
Links for both new games have been updated on the 'Links & Events' Page.

24th July

The two New tables forming up next week week will be Savage Worlds & Call of Cthulhu run by Ian and Tom will update the pages next week with the info
Because of the split there are spare places available on that tables.

22nd July

Sorry for the late update the weather and various other things got in the way....

Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay has been updated and now is the only one, the other group has changed into Savage Worlds GM'ed under Kat although it will be changing hands to Ian on that      table shortly.
We have now got a Streetlife page, it is barebones at this time but when the group is more stable I'll add more to it in due course (Link in Facebook and on the Links & Events Page).

Speaking of stable the Savage Worlds group is rumoured to be be spliting, hope to confirm whether this is the case soon.

UPDATE: It is confirmed now the group is spliting into two tables next week.

1st July

First Update since site overhaul, The Laundry & Anima: Beyond fantasy have been updated the two other tables will be updated in the next few days
One of the Warhammer groups is taking a break and is playing savage worlds on the fate system, from what I can tell their group is a bit on the full side but will confirm on wednesday.

23rd April

And with Tom's picture (on his Throne) the website is finished, thanks Dennis for the send.

17th April

Well the gaming tables have now been updated, Tom's Picture at Anima will be on soon as there is a better one (once I've been emailed with it) otherwise it is all there.
Only two tables have spare places as it turns out so my mistake. Fellow GMs if you wish your pictures retaken I will be happy to do so or if you can send me ones that you have taken                yourselves will also be nice.
Whoops! the links with game information have now been fixed (links were taking you to other pages).

12th April

Links & Events page has now been fully updated, the only major con not listed is Crispycon as it looks dead (if it isn't please tell me and I will add it in).
Message Board has now been taken off (No one was using it and we have a facebook page so there ain't much point keeping it).
The Guild hall is a bit of an upgrade from the RGC, we now have more room! Noise might be an issue as the the big hall is a bit on the echoy side but there is a small room which can fit 2        groups (one using it at the moment). The Guild Hall also has disabled access so no need to worry about stairs if you are disabled (or carrying a lot of heavy books.....).
Gaming Tables as stated before will be updated next week, I will try to get a picture of your GM and picture of the game (cover art).
As we stand we do have spaces available on at least three out of four games running, the fourth might have a spot but it is not confirmed.
Facebook link also added to Home Page.

    10th April

    Updates have been made to the site Home Page & Gaming areas are now changed, the gaming tables will be updated next week and the other links will be updated over the weekend.
    Games currently in progress are: The Laundry Files, Anima : Beyond Fantasy and 2 Warhammer Fastasy Roleplays (2nd edition). Files might have a spot, the others do have spots available.

    6th April

    The move to the Guild Hall will be this wednesday (9th) the page will be updated as will facebook (i hope) all other pages will then be overhaulled for the next few days after that updating         the information on the website.

    21st March

    It has been a while since the last update but most of the news can be found on the Facebook page, however our time in the Reggie Goves center is drawing to a close, next week on the 26th     March will be our last session within the RGC walls, we will be in the Liberal Club for the following wednesday and then we will be in our next permanent home in the Wycombe Guild Hall.
    When the move is finished I will update the tables, we now have a fouth table so we do have spaces, however once the move is made the webpage will be updated.

    2nd June

    Been sometime since an update, have been putting it off, will try to update when I can.
    All three games came to an end Runequest I think will be GURPS, will find out soon, new games up go and have a look.
    Message Board is offline due to inactivity any info please visit our facebook page.
    For those GMs wanting to expand your GM abilities outside of the gaming days should take a look at Obsidian portal,
    If your not sure, take a look at the D&D one on their page.

    6th Feburary

Took a while to update but its now done, Dennis made a spelling mistake; Earthdom is actually Earthdawn
    A little scare a few weeks ago with the snow but us RPers were't worried about the snow and things carried on as usual.
    AGM was held also a few weeks ago, fee per night is unchanged as is the current circumstances around the hiring room bookings and cost.
    Emergency Point of contact is now found not only through the forum, but also through Facebook.

    13th Janurary

    Finally got the link for the High Wycombe Gaming Group Facebook page, it can be found in Links & Events.

    22nd December

Turns out that the centre will be open on the 2nd, so its just the 26th that there will be no games. Merry Christmas all...even those who support Cthulhu.

    7th December
    Been a while since last update but I have managed to get everyone to fill out the forms!
    Multiversal! group has now changed to Earthdom, the group has just started which is why their new page has not got a lot of info.
    The weeks containing Christmas and New Year we will not be gaming as the center will be most likely shut but before and after these weeks will be game on normal

    6th October

A little later than I would have wanted but update sheets were a little late coming back, still I've tried to update the game the best as I can.
    Three new games have started, located in the menu now; Runequest, Deathwatch & Multiversal! are the games running.
    Later on I'll be updating the other pages for both any events and also info on the games being run at the moment.

    20th July
A little later than I would have wanted to update but here it is at last, GURPS and D20 came to an end and new games have begun WITH PLACES!
    Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay has begun as has Prime Time Adventures link to the pages are found on the menu to your left.
    Next updates should be on a monthly basis, the Dark Heresy table will be updated after this coming wednesday (I hope).

    11th April

Due to certain things happening (plus pestering the GMs can be annoying for them) the game pages will now be updated once a month.
    The tables have now been updated with the new info, go and have a look.
    Phillip in the forums is looking to start a game up (outside of the club) on mondays, if interested register with the forums and respond to his thread.

    14th March

Congratulations to Gary & Kat on the D20 table, today was their wedding, many happy returns for the married duo.

    3rd March

    The GURPS Group have not handed me their update form yet so their area will have to wait, Dark Heresy's GM did not not turn up last week so ego no picture on the page.
    D20 has however been updated.

    Those that are new to the site or occasionly check up on it please register on the forums, it is there for your use.

    19th February

    We now have a domain name! The address (currently being forwarded to this one until i figure it out) is

    18th February

Sorry if the site has been not updated of late, various things over the christmas period happened and as a result I had limited access to the internet on my computer.
    The D20 table is taking a break, in its place a Fireborn game (using FATE rules) is running, it will finish in 1 - 2 weeks time and D20 will be back on.
    Fading Suns has finished and have started Dark Heresy, for more info check the new page.
    Because we were forgetful we didn't have our AGM in Janurary, therefore we will be having it on the 22nd this week, alas due to some issues we will not be breaking our AGM meeting record     of 35 seconds.
    Hopefully soon the site will be getting a domain name added to it so it will be easier to access it from wherever you are.
    The Library event on the 27th November last year didn't work as we would have wanted it, because the library did not advertise us in the usual manner, almost no-one turned up, if another     event like this happens again we will be hounding the Library on its advertising.
    There is a possibility that after D20 has run its course, there will be a Colonial Marines game (Using D20 & Dark Heresy Rules), the game hopefully will be held either late spring or early            summer.
    We do have some spare tables for other groups if you want to check us out, the group is open to: RPG, Tabletop, Card & Board games.
    The e-mail address for contacting me has changed, the yahoo account will be kept as a backup, but the new one is listed above.
    Links & Events page has been updated.

   24th November

This week sees another update of the gaming tables (the GURPS group avoided me again so no update this week in their area)
    The Dark Heresy table has stopped playing for the time being due to lack of players, they might start again if we get an influx

    On the 27th November in the High Wycombe Library there will be an RPG event from 11am till when we run out of people,
    Games running are: GURPS, Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay, Robot Rally, Muatants & Masterminds and Dungeons & Dragons.
    There might also be other board games if we don't get so many people on the day, Games are expected to last from 20 minutes to 1+ Hours  per game

   3rd November

This week the GURPS table have finally given me the update I wanted, details in their section
   We have a possible new table next week running Dark Heresy, a roleplaying game set in the Grim darkness of the far future of Warhammer 40,000.
   There is a Zombie LARP being held in Reading for more details ask Zaitan in the forums.

  19th October

First game since new site up, pages have now been updated with the exception of GURPS who did not hand back their update sheet, please tell me what your up to ASAP please
   Game Leaders on the forums will have Full access to their forum areas, if you like to put up updates and additional rules/info, go ahead that is what they are used for
   Images for various areas on this site will be uploaded in the next few days.
   Various changes to the site have been made, the Constitution can now be found in 'Legal Stuff', Front page also has been updated as requested by one of the tables.

  16th October 

  Welcome to the new site and forum, better than the old one and hopefully will be used more often!

  Currently we have 3 Tables in action and details about them will be inputted on wednesday night

  Could all current players please register on the forum ASAP