Legal Stuff


As approved by the AGM of 18th January 2006


1) The name of the Club shall be THE WYCOMBE GAMES CLUB.

2) The aim of the Club shall be to encourage the playing of games in High Wycombe, primarily by holding a weekly meeting for that purpose.

3) The membership of the club shall be those who attend the weekly meetings.


4) The governing body of the club shall be a General Meeting, which shall have authority to appoint the Committee, set membership fees, amend this Constitution (as provided in 6 below) and make other such decisions as are necessary for the continued running of the club.

5) An Annual General Meeting shall be called, normally in the month of January, at one of the weekly meetings. An Extraordinary General Meeting may be called at a weekly meeting either by the Committee or by a petition of ten members.

6) This Constitution may be amended by a two thirds majority vote of a General Meeting.

7) The day to day running of the club shall be in the hands of a Committee elected at the AGM. Each officer shall hold office for one year but if re-elected may continue in office indefinitely. The Committee shall consist of:
a) The Chairman, whose responsibility is to organise and chair General Meetings and represent the club to other organisations.
b) The Treasurer, whose responsibility is to collect membership fees, manage the club's finances and pay for all expenses.
c) The Secretary, whose responsibility is to handle correspondence, keep records and see to the club's publicity.
Other officers may be co-opted by the Committee to handle specific tasks but shall have no vote on the Committee. The Committee or any individual member of the Committee may be dismissed by a mejority vote of an Extraordinary General Meeting.


8) A weekly fee shall be payable to attend the club's meetings, the level to be set by the General Meeting.