This is a very hard message, but read to the end before you discard this message...



  #1.  Imagine carrying a sign downtown in plain view that says, "Smile, God Loves You."  Everybody would approve of that will they not?  Why even the cults and the hard-core apostate church would agree this sign is appropriate.  Every pastor and priest will nod their head with approval.  All is peace and all is well.

  #2.  Imagine carrying a sign downtown in plain view that says, "God Hates You."  It would create an uproar in the community.  The cults and the apostate church would condemn you for announcing this horrible message.  Your pastor or priest may even threaten to have you evicted from their church (but it is unlikely they will evict anybody from their church).  

Cast your vote.  Which sign do you believe is correct in your mind to carry downtown in full view of the general public at large.   Sign #1 or sign #2. Write your answer here __________. 

  This may come as a shock, but the correct answer is:  Sign #2.  Now before you begin raging about heresy you will be surprised to learn that we well-meaning Christians are actually the ones lying to people.  Read on.

  It is a fact that many people are not going to heaven.  Most are going to hell's punishment.  So, if this is Biblically a true fact, we need to stop saying "God Loves You" to the lost because God's wrath (hatred) is upon them.  They are God's enemies because they have not accepted God's plan of salvation by Jesus Christ of Nazareth atonement for sin.  Now do you understand?  Keep reading. 

 It is dangerous for us to lie to the lost and tell them God loves them.  Sure, He loved the world to give His only son to die for our sins, but the sinner must accept these terms and conditions.  Otherwise,  if they reject Christ they will be condemned for all eternity in hell.  So, we dare not lie to those who are lost.  Look what the Bible says;

"Ye say everyone that doeth evil is good in the sight of the Lord, and He delighteth in them"  Mal. 2:17.

When the unbeliever sees, "Smile, God Loves You" it reinforces his misguided belief that there is nothing to worry about.  There is no need to change.  No need to repent because God unconditionally loves them, but we know that is not true.  This is why Jesus was not so kind-spoken to sinners.  He exposed their sin to make them repent and to sternly warn them to avoid God's coming wrath that will strike them down to hell's fires.

The Bible says, "He that believeth not is condemned already - John 3:18" Condemned to be loved by God?  No, condemned to hell's fire and eternal punishment.  Unbelievers are in deep trouble!

It is heresy to tell the lost that they are saved or they are loved by God who is in all reality is ready to pounce on them and throw them into the pit of hell to suffer for all eternity.

You may not believe there is a hell, but you are going their all the same if you are not born-again.  It is not wise to be seeking spiritual happiness and bliss when the wrath of God is still upon you.  It is not wise to teach to the lost that God does not hate them.  He does hate those sinners.  He is not going to take them to heaven and He will throw them into hell's fire.  This is not an act of love it is an act of holy justice.  Be truthful to the sinner.  Let him come to a point to fear the Lord, to know that he has sinned, to repent of his sins, so he can seek the Savior for salvation from hell's fire. 

Sinners do not know they are lost.  It is the Christian's job to inform the sinner of their sin and the coming judgment aimed at the unbeliever.  It is serious business, yet Christians do not see the urgency.  They do not reach out to save the lost.  They are not trained and they do not care to be trained.  They just want to be saved themselves and attending church worship service has become their prime concern.  God's agenda is to save the lost and that is God's will and desire for each Christian to do.  The Christian knows it is true the lost will burn in hell for all eternity, but their cold, hard heart is not moved to save them.  These Christians are the dead that bury their dead.  The hypocrites who deserve hell.  They are the unfaithful servants in the Lord's house.  They chose to believe that they could enter heaven by not bearing much good fruit.  These are the lukewarm who are spewed out of the Lord's mouth to fall into the hell they so wanted to avoid.  These unmerciful Christians have lost their fear of God.  They were so certain they would not go to hell that they never needed to obey Jesus commands to save the lost.  So, they reap what they sowed  They found out too late that the apostate church system came upon them without warning.  God's wrath is upon them.

Pastors will never preach the truth today of God's wrath to come.  The Bible is full of warning about hell's punishment, but pastors ignore the message.  It will offend the flock and it will offend the lost.  Hell fire preaching will not make them happy.  It will portray God as being angry and not loving and those who hear of God's wrath and hell will become afraid.  Many will not like the pastor for preaching Biblical truth.  Silence in the church.  Destruction is near, yet silence it the rule.  Christians are silently waiting for Christ's second coming.  They want the rapture so they can leave everybody else behind to suffer.  The time to redeem souls is now, but the pastor and his flock will not go forth to win souls.  They have no interest in that.  The lost are lost because Christians are silent.  They have confiscated the Gospel for themselves.  But woe to those lukewarm and unfaithful servants who have no mercy upon those who are lost.  Their reward is waiting for them in hell.  God say's there is no salvation for the lukewarm believer or the unfaithful servant.  It is time Christians do whatever they must do to reach out to the lost every day or risk paying the price in hell's eternal flame.  Do not believe you are saved when you bear no visible fruit.  The lost bear no good fruit.  Are you doing the same?

The God Loves You Gospel is a lie when preached to sinners.  God only loves the repentant sinner.  He loves His own sheep.  God's wonderful promises in the Bible are for His own sheep.  The only promise God has for the sinner is everlasting punishment in hell.  He does not love the sinner, so stop telling the sinner who is soon to be a resident in hell that God cares about him and loves him.  That is what Jesus preached.  He preached the danger of God's wrath and of hell's eternal misery.  Do likewise.  Preach the truth.   The apostate church is full of lies and guilty of preaching another Gospel. another Jesus and another God who is not the God of the Bible.

The time is now near.  The Great Falling Away has fully bloomed and it is imperative that real Christians get out of the apostate church and to proclaim the Gospel to the lost.  A physical church building was not needed in the New Testament and it is not needed today.  Leave this demonic system so you can go to work for the Lord Himself and invest your tithe money into reaching out to the lost.  That is what Jesus wants, He wants the lost to be saved.  The Father wants the lost to be saved.  The Holy Ghost wants the lost to be saved.  But the average Christian does not want the lost to be saved.  They won't do it themselves.  Those who are lost will stand to accuse them and God will hold the blood of the damned upon them.  Hell is coming faster than you think.  It may only be moments away.  It may be a day, a week or a year.  But it will come fast and catch you by surprise.  Get to work to save the lost now or you play with fire.            

  Today, our churches continue to spread the lie that God is good and full of love when in fact, according to the Bible, He is not good to his enemies.  He has never even shown much mercy for those who disbelieve Him and choose not to obey His commands and desires.  Just read about Moses and the Jews in Exodus for a clear example of how God deals with stiff-neck people whom He loves. 

  Many were bitten by snakes, swallowed by the earth and most all of the original escapees from Egypt perished in the desert never to enter the promised land.  The Bible has many examples of how the God chose as punishments to slay the Jews with the sword, He sold them into slavery, destroyed their dwellings and even had their wives and daughters raped.  It is in the Bible, so go read it for yourself.  God does not change.  He is still the same yesterday, today and forever. 

  So, this means we may be following a different God today than the God of the Bible whom we should be following.  What if a different Jesus is being preached today who loves everyone regardless if they repent or not from sin?  Imagine the consequences of believing a false Gospel message?  Why, it would be subject to God's wrath would it not?


  This is the scary part.  God is angry with sinners every day.  God hates sin.  Preachers teach, "God hates sin, but he loves the sinner."  This is a lie.  God absolutely hates the sin and the sinner.  To prove this, he will not punish sin in hell, but He says He will punish the sinner in hell.  Think about that!  It is the sinner who goes to hell to wail and gnash his teeth for eternity.  If the sinner does not repent and become born-again he will pay a horrible price as God's anger and unmerciful wrath shall fall upon him.  But just how angry is God?  Very  angry.  Let's see. 

God will have no mercy on the sinner in hell.  He will not listen to his cries for help.  As far as God is concerned it is His just punishment for man's unlawful arrogance and sinful ways of life.  God will not shed a tear of remorse for those perishing in hell.  It is too late for mercy.  They chose to reject God's free gift of salvation and they chose to disbeliever God's threats and warnings of hell fire.  Actually, the sinner dived head-first into hell's fire by choosing to reject God's plan of salvation.

The sinner in hell will scream, wail and gnash his teeth in awful agonizing pain.  He will beg for water, just a tiny drop of water to ease his misery, but God will never extend mercy to this sinner.  No water will be forthcoming.  His thirst will remain unquenched.  This is punishment, not the humane society for poor sinners.  That is why it is called hell, it will be a living hell of torment, pain and suffering. It will be like holding your feet to the fire but you can't pull away.  The pain will deeply persist as the flames do its work.  This awful pain will not go away.  There will be no time of healing.  It will make you sick. 

The sinner will cry out for mercy and beg to repent from his sins so he can escape from hell, but God hates him so much He will keep him in hell forever and ever.  Jesus said it would be a place of eternal punishment and the smoke of their torment will rise forever and ever. 

God created hell for the devil and his angels and He promises to send sinners to hell with the devil and the devil's angels to suffer.  This is not a vacation.  It is a place of eternal suffering and suffer you will do if you end up in hell.  It will be misery beyond your imagination.

After six-billions years have passed in this hellish place you will cry out ever more realizing that this is still only a blink in the eye compared to the eternal time of eternity.  For ever, means everlasting and never-ending.  It will be like riding a circle that has no beginning and no ending.  You will just go around and around forever and ever seared to the bone with flames that never devour you.  You will not be able to faint from the pain to escape it.  Worms will be assigned to you for the purpose to devour you, but these worms never die.  They too are eternal just like you, but you will not have power over the worms.  They will eat you alive for ever.  Jesus warned of these worms.  Are you listening?

There will be no smiles in hell.  No soothing pat on the back for comfort.  You will hear the tormented cries, moans and screams in utter darkness around you.  You will hear people cursing God for not rescuing them from this place of misery.  It will be awful.  It will be like emptying out all the prisons in the world and you are sent there with the murderers, rapists, molesters, demonic-possessed inmates and all those who love doing evil things.  Here you will dwell with them and be subject to the devil and his wicked angels.  Whatever happens to you by these evil beings in hell God will not care.  He will not create a special place you may rest your head for protection.  You will be treated just like everyone else in hell.  In fact, you may discover that you are having a deeper more painful punishment than others.  Yes, there are degrees of punishment in hell.

You will be deeply depressed.  There is no such thing as a moment of happiness in hell.  Depression will devour your soul bringing you to tears day after day for millions upon millions of years on end.  In 750 billion years in passing you will realize there is no escape and that God absolutely meant what He said.  When God says He will toss people into hell, He will do it. And he has to your great agony and remorse.

Like a spider freezes in a hot flame it cannot resist the power of the fire.  It just freezes. It cannot run away, all it can do is sizzle and bake.  The flame is so much more powerful.  It wants to escape the pain, but it can't even budge.  It wills to escape with all its might, but it remains hostage to the power of the fire upon its flesh.  Likewise, you will be powerless to escape from hell's fury.  You will accept with great distress your eternal condemnation by God's Word.  You will cry, "I was a fool not to believe God"  but God will only laugh at you.  That is how much He will hate you.  He will give you no mercy. Sin is the misery and ruin of the soul.  Read Proverbs 1:24-32 and you will see that God will laugh in your day of trouble.

All those who proudly stiffened their spine and snickered at God's only means of salvation will cry eternal tears of remorse.  Those who boasted there was no God will scream for mercy and beg God to forgive them.  All the scornful who said evil lies about God's working servants who are trying to save the lost by ruining their reputations shall find there is a place reserved for them in the lake of fire.  When they wake up and see the flames and feel the pain of burning alive they will not be gloating now.  They will not be so sure that God will not punish sinners, but they will be absolutely certain that they made a horrific error of judgment; they chose to turn their face away from the love and mercy God offered them when they were alive on earth.  Now it is too late for salvation.  All is lost.  They chose to serve Satan by not choosing Jesus.  That is what the Bible says; you serve a master whether you like it or not; take your pick.  Those suffering in hell's fire being damned for all eternity have chosen Satan as their father.  Hell was true after all.  They doubted God's Word and God's promise to send sinners to eternal punishment.  They should have believed God.  Now God's wrath is poured out upon them with no mercy.        

You will be thrown into a lake of fire.  Like the poor spider that was put to the torch, but it could die, you will not.  You will float in this lake of fire for eternity.  It's hot lava will melt you with searing pain while its flames lick your face.  It will be an eternal red-hot sunburn upon your flesh with no moment of relief, ever.  That is what the Bible says hell will be like and that is God speaking and warning you right now to avoid.  Imagine being forced to live inside a red hot boiling volcano and bath in its 2,000 degree lava.  Imagine if you do not die, but just feel the intense pain.  God says hell will be this way.  You will not doubt Him when you wake up to find yourself in hell's fire, just as He said would be.  God does not lie.  He has no reason to lie.  He tells the truth and He is warning you now.

Those who burn in hell will remember all the times God tried to warn them, but they just laughed it off as being nonsense.  God will remember them and He will get the last laugh.  The Bible strongly warns that God will not be mocked.  God has enemies. It is all those who choose evil and those who do not accept His plan of Salvation.  God makes the rules.  If you are His enemy you will find an eternal home in the pit of hell itself.  You will hear others begging for a second chance, but God will not hear their screams for mercy.  His wrath is upon all who are in hell.  He will not have them in His heaven to corrupt His home and to ruin and destroy those who live with Him in heaven.  There will be no thieves to steal or liars to cheat in heaven because they will be in hell. 

The lost will look up and see the beauty of heaven.  It will be painful to see others enjoying eternal life with great happiness and living in the best of mansions as they suffer torture beyond comprehension.  They will cry with great remorse for anyone in heaven to go tell God for them to get them out, that they repent of their sins and that they will obey the Lord, if only God will get them out of hell.  Nobody in heaven will be able to hear their voices screaming for mercy.  God will not allow the righteous in heaven to be disturbed no more by unbelieving and harmful sinners.  Those in heaven will now eternally be safe from those who hated God and His ways.

Christians who believed the false and misleading once-saved; always-saved Gospel will cry for God to keep His promise to save them only to discover that they had believed in a false shepherd who told them they did not need to repent or be born-again.  Despite Jesus' warnings to them, they chose to follow their church tradition and belief.  They did not obey the commands of Jesus to go and save the lost.  They will cry, "Lord, Lord, have mercy on us."  But there will only be silence from heaven.  They were fully warned not to allow themselves to be deceived and they chose to ignore Jesus commands and warnings to their own peril.  Their cries of sorrow were louder to hear than most in hell.  God does not love these so-called Christians.  He hates them and has given them a place in hell.

All the lukewarm believers will be here in hell along with the wicked gang members, mafia, outlaws and other criminals.  They will scream, "Oh, Lord we do not belong here.  We belong with you" but there will be no answer from God.  He will not even bother to explain why they are in hell.  They knew God's Words and His commands but they chose to violate them.  They said in their heart, "I do not have to proclaim the Gospel to the lost.  That is not my calling." They were dead wrong.  They believed a lie their church leaders told them that they were serving the Lord by serving the church.  So, they never tried to save the lost.  The scattered because they did not gather.  Those in hell scream at them day and night for not warning them of this hell.  Fear of retaliation is real and eminent by all those who could have been saved, but were not saved because the believer did not reach out to save them.  They tossed the lost no life preserver (sharing the Gospel).  These lukewarm believers are Christ's enemies.  They were religious men and women who had it made. Their ticket to heaven was punched and assured, so the thought until they woke up and found themselves in the pit of hell burning with those whom they despised.  Hell is a place of justice. 

Some will say, "Oh, why did not those Christians warn me of this place.  I am in hell because of them."  God may send Abraham to listen to their plea, but God himself will not come forth to them.  He will not even look upon them as His eyes are too pure to gaze upon the sinner.  Abraham will not do anything for the sinner except to explain why they are to remain in hell for ever.  He will point out their guilt and their unmerciful ways toward others.  He may give them the news that so-called Christians who were responsible for their going to hell by not proclaiming the Gospel to them are also in hell, but it does not appease them.  They want to get out of hell, but God's vengeance is upon them. They are the subject of "...the wine press of the fierceness and wrath of Almighty God - Revelation 19:15."

God is a hell-fire preacher!  He is the one who is warning everyone of their hellish fate if they continue in their sin.  Those in hell will remember that it is their fault for not heeding God's plea for salvation and mercy. God said "Today is the day of salvation" but they would not come.  God sent Jesus to die for them, but they spat upon Jesus by not believing God has sent Him.  They chose not to believe God or to obey His way of salvation.  They simply chose not to believe God, so by doing so they have called God a liar in their heart.  But God says that all liars shall have their part in the lake of fire.  Hell is full of these scoffing people.

To those in hell they will hear the Word of God, "Therefore will I also deal in fury; mine eye shall not spare, neither will I have pity; and though they cry in mine ears with a loud voice, yet I will not hear them - Ezekiel 8:18"  All those in hell will cry every louder knowing that God has poured out upon them His wrath in unbearable measure.

Not only will God hate you, He will have the utmost contempt upon you.  Hell's power and fury is designed by God to be your just punishment for hating Him.  Jesus said if you had loved Him you would have kept His commands.  That is what He said for you to do.  He said to obey His commands, not your pastor or your priest or your denomination.  All those who did not obey His commands will find themselves in hell, no matter what your pastor or priest says otherwise.  They too will be beside you wailing in misery in the bowels of hell's fiery grip and only then will they admit that they were wrong... which will be too late for you to be saved!  You will hear the Word of God, "I will tread them in mine anger, and trample  them in my fury... Isaiah 63:3"  You will cry out for mercy only to receive nothing but pain and suffering.

Christians that did not lift a finger to save a lost person shall face judgment for not being merciful.  Jesus said the merciful shall receive mercy.  Those who knew they were going to heaven and knew that others would go to hell's fire, but would not reach out to save those that which were lost shall be cast into hell.  They have worked iniquity. They have chosen to disobey Jesus' command to go save the lost.  They hired someone else to go save the lost, but to their horror they discovered too late it did not count for them anything.  The fearful are to be sent to hell.  Those who were afraid to proclaim the Gospel to save the lost from eternal sufferings in hell's fire. But they believed they could be saved and disobey God's commands and desires to bear much good fruit.  They hired their pastor, their church, their religious teachers, they gave money to charity and other ministries, but they did not even leave a simple Gospel tract anywhere to be found.  They have earned hell's fire. God's Word is to be taken seriously, but they learned it too late.  They did not fear God, but rather they feared opinions of men and believed a false Gospel.  We can hear their cries from the bottom portion of the pit of hell rising to the top.  Mercy is what they did not get.  The grace of God was taken in vain.

There is no rest in hell.  The furnace of heated flames roars loudly day and night never to cease.  There is no lunch break.  Your starving body cries all the more for food it will never have.  The smell of burning acid brimstone stings your nostrils like searing hot needles with each breath.  Hell will smell like an overflowing toilet.  It will be a sewer pipe filled with filth. Hell is a latrine where the rot of the human race will be gathered in a fire-laden cesspool.  Every wicked thing in God's eyes will end up in this waste pile.  This is the fate of every soul that has not been born again.  No matter how moral, strict, faithful, sober or religious they may be.  Great wrath and infinite misery is their reward.  It is an everlasting wrath from God.  He has been merciful to warn you from hell's fury, but you did not fear Him or believe Him.  You believed that God loved you.  You were taught this by fellow churchgoers and your pastor, but you were never truly born again.  Your false conversion has caught up to you, at last, but to your horrific demise in hell's sewer.  But it is not too late, you still have time to be born again!  God is merciful.  Accept His mercy now.

Many who read this or who have heard the Gospel will be in hell remembering this warning.  They may now be at ease and heed this warning with no disturbance of soul.  They are comfortable with their religion and with their church.  They do not want to see the wrath of God in their mind as being true.  They can't fathom that God could be so hateful to send them to hell.  Maybe other people, but not them.  They believe other churches are apostate, but not theirs.  Other people have false shepherds, but not them. They never stepped back from their church to reexamine God's Word in the King James version Bible.  They believe and obey another bible that is a counterfeit or another interpretation of the King James.  They believe and obey what their church teaches and disregard what Jesus and the Apostles command.  They will be horrified to find themselves in hell with the vilest of creatures; to be in the clutches of Satan and his angels for all eternity.  They were so certain they would go to heaven they had no fear of God's judgment.  They were exempt, so they thought. They were sincerely wrong.  Hell was designed for such people who disobey Him.  God said, "Fear the Lord" but they did not fear Him and were led astray.

Can you hear the howls of souls in hell pleading for help, begging for mercy.  It is like a perpetual war-zone that never ends.  The war rages on ripping and tearing people apart.  Great sorrow and vexation of spirit overwhelms anyone who hears the millions of screams. Demons too cry out for mercy and Satan himself can be seen lashing out upon others his fierce wrath, and he is coming at you next.  You beg and scream for mercy but nobody arrives.  There is no 911, no police protection.  Nobody even comes to help you as they are too busy fending off the pain and suffering that overwhelms them.  You would gladly trade places with any inmate residing in an earthly jail or prison than to be here.  Hell is the ultimate prison system.  Nobody escapes and nobody leaves, ever.  Here the wrath of God is unleashed upon you month after month with no time off for good behavior.  There is nothing but noise here.  No peace and no quiet.  Everyone is screaming their head off, cussing, cursing, howling, begging, pleading, crying.  It is hell.

Today is your first day in hell.  All of the above you have witnessed in just your first day.  There is much more to see, feel and hear in the next 675 trillion years.  But don't worry, there is no time in hell.  It will be an eternal experience like you have never experienced before.  In fact, it will be unbelievable to describe to anyone who has not been here to witness the awful fury of an angry God who hates you.  Even an earthly king may have some mercy when you anger him, but this King has none to give.  Absolutely no mercy for you whatsoever.  So full is His hatred upon you it is deemed just in His eyes to see you tortured forever in hell.  Again, the Lord extends His merciful hand to you now to be born-again so you can be with Him in heaven.  Won't you take His hand that is full of mercy and love for you now?  Do it today... right now.  If you delay or choose not, it will be your fault if you end up in hell.  Your fault to bear wrath for all time forever and ever.

Many who are in hell will beat their fists into their breasts for being so stubborn and stiff-neck  about believing in Jesus Christ.  All they had to do was to believe in Jesus and obey Him and they would have enjoyed eternal life in heaven.  Where the fun never stops! Where life is abundant and the good things are plentiful and everybody is having a nice time all of the time.  "Oh, how stupid a man I am to have ended up here in this awful hell.  Oh, God, it is my fault and I cannot bear this anguish any longer.  Let me die, God.  Oh, please let me die. I beg of you, please."  But there is no escape of death in hell.  The pain and remorse just goes on forever.  It is a place of everlasting punishment.  Ah, but you do have eternal life and you have received precisely what you have always wanted.  You see, you did not want God when you were on earth, so you will also have no part of Him when you die.  Your wish was granted.                                      

  Know this, the only reason you are not in hell right now is because God is giving you this chance today to accept his plan of salvation.  It will not cost you a dime.  It is free.  All you have to do is repent for your sins and turn away to a new life by accepting Jesus of Nazareth as your personal Savior and keep Him Lord of your life. 

  Jesus took the hammer of God's wrath upon himself when He was on the cross, so you would not have to.  Jesus is your substitute.  He died for you, so you can be saved from hell.  When you are born-again you will be a changed person.  You will now desire to learn and do the things God wants you to do for Him.  He has a plan for your life to bless others and to share this Gospel of the Good News.  The Good News is that Jesus died for the remission of sins to those who will accept God's plan of salvation.

  Read the King James version Bible.  Read Christian books and articles, but always, always check what they say is in fact the "entire truth" not just bits and pieces.  Many churches are apostate and cannot be trusted today.  Try to find Christians who are meeting in their homes instead of inside church buildings. There are not many, so ask God to lead you and to help you find your way. 

  Do not join any major religious denominations as they too are apostate and they will only lead you away from doing God's will to get you to do their will.  God's will for you is no mystery, it is clearly spelled out in God's Ten Commandments and other commands he has made.  They are all easy to keep, so don't be worried about being overwhelmed with do's and don'ts.   

  Read what Jesus said to do and simply do what you can.  Proclaim the Gospel to the lost.  That is more important than joining any church.  To obey the commands of your Lord and Savior Jesus Christ of Nazareth is more important than belonging to a church.  Don't ever forget who saved you.  So, do not forget to serve Him and Him alone.  You are His servant and you are free.  Stay free.  Do not become a slave to the apostate church or to any church or any pastor or priest.  You are now God's child and you can go to work for Him directly to save the lost.  You are saving others from hell's fire!  There is much work to do, so get to work today to redeem the time God has given you to bear much good fruit.  

You will remember reading this article one day.  Will you be remembering it in heaven or in hell?  


  Sinner, make your escape from hell today.  God does not want to send you to hell.  This very moment you can be saved from this awful place of torment and it will not cost you a dime.  Salvation is free.  Jesus paid the price for you on the cross. He took the hammer of God's punishment so you can live and walk free.

  In your heart admit that you have fallen short and you have sinned against God.  Read the Ten Commandments and you will see you have.  Have you even stolen anything?  Told a lie?  Look at a person with lust in your eyes?  If so you are deemed in God's eyes as a lying adulterous thief and that's only three of the ten you have violated.  God demand the death sentence to those who break the law.  Yes, God will judge you.  If you commit a crime do you think you can stand before a judge and say, "I'm sorry Judge for breaking the law but because I know you are a good and merciful judge you will not send me to jail."  A good judge will send you to jail for your crime.  He will not let you walk just because you were sorry and begged for forgiveness.  Imagine if he did.  Criminals would never be punished and they would get bolder to commit horrific crimes with no deterrence to stop them.

  Now that you have admitted you are guilty and you wish to turn from your sinful ways, trust Jesus to forgive your sins and rescue your soul.  Trust Him alone.  You do not need sacraments or other duties, just believe God's promise to save you.  Ask Jesus right now to let you become born-again to become a new person.  Ask Jesus to clean up your life.  Go ahead, ask Him right now.  Invite Jesus into your life and tell Him you want Him to be your Lord and your Savior. 

You can say a prayer like this, "Jesus of Nazareth, I accept your perfect sacrifice on the cross shedding your blood for the complete remission of my sins.  Thank you for giving me eternal life with you in heaven and saving me from the torments of hell.  Help me to live for you and to obey your commands to save the lost.  I will read the Bible to learn more of your ways, I will speak to you and rely on you to help me in this life.  I will discover your promises in your written Word the Bible and my faith and my hope will be firmly planted in your Word.  I will be a good and faithful servant of the Lord most High with you help and guidance.  Amen."

  That's it.  It was not hard at all was it? It is that easy to be saved.  God has made it easy on purpose so all can be saved, if they want to be.  Those who do not want to be saved from hell shall get their wish and go there.  Those who reject God's free gift of Salvation in Jesus Christ, His Son, shall not have God after they die.  Only those who want heaven and fear hell will live with God forever. 

  Can you see why God does not want sinners in heaven?  Sinners will turn heaven into hell.  God does not want unrepentant  liars, thieves, murderers, con-artists, rapists, child molesters, warmongers, prostitutes, homosexuals and other unrepentant sinners in heaven to ruin it for everybody else.  They have ruined earth, but they will not ruin heaven. God will send them to hell where they will not contaminate heaven.  How would you like to be in heaven and have to lock your doors and fear for your safety?  That would not be heaven.


  God does not want anybody to go to hell.  That is why He sent His son Jesus of Nazareth to pay sin's penalty for you.  Now you can be set free from a death sentence and the punishment of hell.  Yes, that is how much God loves you, but if you reject His love, given at a great sacrifice at Calvary, it would be better for you not to be born.