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Ministry Requirments

To be Biblically saved, having been driven to the foot of the cross by seeing your sin in the breaking of the Ten Commandments and having repented and trusted in the Lord Jesus Christ to save you.

Understanding; “law to the proud and grace to the humble”.

Able to share the law, but also the love and saving grace of Jesus Christ…

Having studied the one day “crash course”.

Working on completing SOBE, School of Biblical Evangelism.

Understanding and walking in “Biblical Evangelism”.

Walking in the gifts of the Holy Ghost.

Law, Repentance, trust, grace

Laying hands on the sick and praying for them, anointing them with oil.

Holy Ghost filled and led.

Deliverance ministry.

Water baptism.

Humble – has a handle on pride

Needing to make a bold statement - no side line or pew warmers

Ordination – fulfilling the laws of man, so that we can enter into hospitals, jails, prisons, to go where He calls us to go…

Obedience - none of us walk in perfection, but we strive to walk in God's holiness.

Dedicated to the Lord Jesus Christ, to reach the lost.

Teaching them to learn how, to follow Jesus Christ…

This is not a social club, or a pie and coffee group, this is a ministry based on biblical evangelism, and the gifts of the Holy Ghost.

We are a very small ministry, but we are called to all men and women everywhere, bikers, motorcyclist's RV’ers, car clubs, car shows, show and shines, anywhere the lost, and even the found can be found, we are called to go to the highways and hedges, and byways, and compel them to come…