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The purpose of this website is to provide information about the services of Highroad Professional Development, LLC, and to facilitate communication about events and courses offered. The Great Teachers Model of facilitating productive "shoptalk" has been successfully applied to professional development events for very diverse as well as very specific groups of participants, such as the following: 

In 1997, Dr. Cunningham invited Dr. Parnell to help offer a great teaching retreat in southern Utah; and since that time, they have continued to collaborate, offering workshops, retreats, and seminars for higher education faculty, public school teachers, faculty/staff developers, librarians, administrators, staff supervisors, and cross-sections of employees from single institutions in Great College or Great University events.

Higher Education
  • Great College and Great University (with participants from a broad cross-section of an institution, including administrators, faculty, secretaries, custodians, etc.)
  • Great Teachers
  • Great Supervisors/Administrators
  • Great Librarians
  • Great Faculty/Staff Developers

K-12 Education
  • Great School District (with participants from a broad cross-section of a district, including administrators, faculty, secretaries, custodians, etc.)
  • Great Educational Leaders
  • Great K-12 School Teaching
  • Great K-12 Teachers
  • Great Secondary School Teachers
  • Great Elementary School Teachers
  • Great Dual Language Immersion Teachers
  • Great English as a Second Language Teachers
  • Great Teachers of (Specify Subject Area)

Half-day or full-day workshops, three-day retreats, and week-long seminars can be arranged by contract and held at clients' selected locations. For details, contact the event coordinator by e-mail at HighroadPD@gmail.com.