It is the Fourth Pass, and plague has taken more from the Weyrs of Pern than Threadfall.

The sickness started in the heart of the Northern Continent, at Igen Hold, and spread to every Weyr, Hold, and Hall.  It has been going on for ten Turns, and only now may be subsiding.  But nearly half of the population succumbed to this disease – and for whatever reason, most of those were men.  Everyone lost someone to this terrible plague.

A conclave was called to decide the direction that rebuilding and regrouping would take, coming away with drastic, harsh recommendations that were deemed absolutely necessary for life under the current system to continue.  Holds were to close and the populations move into the Weyrs.  Two Weyrs were to close - Igen and Ista, two of the hardest hit by the plague.

High Reaches Weyr has lost two Weyrwomen to this plague – one at its beginning, and one at its end.  Now Ikene and gold Aveiranth are in charge, though Aveiranth's recent flight kept Bronzerider T'gal of Vortigerth as Weyrleader.  Many positions have been filled by inexperienced riders, some golds and bronzes have been transferred to other weyrs, and the displaced riders from Igen and Ista need to be integrated into their new homes.

With the future of the weyr in doubt, all eyes are on Aveiranth to produce a strong clutch after being caught by Vortigerth.  Many are troubled by the large number of female Candidates the Weyr has had to field to ensure that every dragon finds their lifemate, drastically increasing the number of women on blues.  Some are aghast at the recent Impression of not one, but two girls to brown dragons, and wonder if the dragons are flawed - or if it's the beginning of a trend.

Can High Reaches recover from the devastation caused by the plague?  How will the Holderfolk relocated to the Weyr adjust to their new life?  How will the Holds deal with tricky succession issues?