The High Plains Ranch Practicum Ranch Management Schools

2015-16 Schools are now underway.
Locations for 2015-16 schools include:

Ucross, WY Region - co-hosted by the Plank Stewardship Initiative.  Meetings will be held at the Raymond Plank Creative Center in Ucross.

Dates Include: June 24-25, September 2-3, October 7-8, February 3-4

Glendo, WY Region - hosted by Justin and Kodi Brennan at the JK Bar Bible Ranch

Dates for Glendo school: May 28-29, Sept 17-18, October 15-16, December 3-4

The High Plains Ranch Practicum is an eight-day, hands-on educational program designed to give participants the skills and application of management tools needed in today’s complex ranching industry.

About the Practicum

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