The High Plains Ranch Practicum


"Attending the school has had a greater positive impact on our operation than anything else I can think of.  A far greater value that I gained from the classes was the emphasis on planning, decision making and attacking paradigms. Continual analysis of everything you do is essential to keeping pace with our ever changing weather, markets, and resources. This is more important than any specific tool or practice can ever be. " - Curtis Grubbs, Rancher, Harrisburg, NE

There are currently no plans for subsequent High Plains Ranch Practicum Schools.

2019 class is complete

                            Dates for 2019 school:

June 26-27, Aug 28-29, Sept 25-26, Oct 29-30
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The High Plains Ranch Practicum is an eight-day, hands-on educational program designed to give participants the skills and application of management tools needed in today’s complex ranching industry.

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