Waxing Protocol

High Plains is expecting adherence to this waxing protocol.  The respective Head Coaches are responsible for all their skiers follow this protocol.  If for some reason a skier does not follow the proposed waxing protocol, they could be subject to disqualified from earning High Plains JN Points for High Plains JN Selection.


-Fluoro kick waxes are allowed in all WY HS/HP/USSA races


-NO fluoro glide waxes of any kind (LF, HF, Pure floro powders, liquids, blocks, sprays, etc.) are allowed in WY HS/HP Classical, Freestyle, and Sprint races.


-These rules will apply to all WY HS/HP races, including JNQ and NRL races.


-Fluoros ARE ALLOWED at the WY HS/HP Championship races.


-Athletes attending events hosted by other entities/divisions must follow the rules of the host entity/division. NOTE-Jackson Hole race is an IMD event. Floros are allowed per IMD rules and High School/ High Plains athletes are allowed/encouraged to “wax to the field” in these cases.


-WY HS/HP wax rules do not apply to athletes attending NCAA Skiing Championship, US National Championship, FIS/USSA Super Tour events.


Be aware that if your skier attends other USSA sanctioned races, anticipate that they will follow FIS/USSA rules.  Section 222 in the FIS ICR Competition Rules, Book II, Cross Country speaks to equipment and controls for sanctioned races.  The USSA 17 Nordic Competition Guide, Chapter 4, lists competition equipment guidelines.