Lion's Gate

Dachshunds:About Us


        We purchased our first dachshund in 1985 and fell in love with the energy, personality, stuborness, and joy of life all dachshunds possess in spades. We began to breed them when we found the proper environment for their exercise and safety,  2 wooded acres in the mountains of Western North Carolina.   These doxies are lovingly raised as our pets and the puppies come kid tested, spoiled, and ready to be your special pet. We have only 7 doxies and hope to retire our stud male to a new home soon.  This is as many as we can handle and still give them the love and attention they deserve. They are our precious pets first and foremost. . Far too often they can be found in someone's bed in the morning............Usually Momma's!!!



         We have worked hard and invested much  in recent years to advance the breed by adding champion pedigrees. All pedigrees are posted. 

Play Space

           This is their play area.  They are able to get plenty of exercise and fresh air. This summer they have gone nuts over several huge toads and one snake, now deceased, who invaded their territory! 

**We do not have kennels. Our puppies are born in the house and spend all of their young lives indoors. **

 Please understand the breed before you buy. You will never find a dog with more energy and spunk than a dachshund. They are head strong and intelligent and want to be the center of your attention!!! They are bred to be badger hunters, love to dig, and are convinced they can win every battle. They will love you with all of their strength and huge hearts, but they might just challenge you as well!!!