The Band and Its History

The Highline Community Symphonic Band was founded in 1971 by Wally Rantz, at that time the Band Director at Tyee High School in Seatac, Washington. The band was originally founded as a teaching tool for parents who wanted to experience the same thrill and excitement their children did through the learning and performance of music. During that first year the adults began to learn their instruments and eventually gave a recital at the high school. The thrill was born and so was Highline Band.

Over the years the ensemble has come to be considered one of the premier community wind bands in this part of the country. Members of the ensemble now come from throughout the greater Seattle area to rehearse and perform quality wind band literature.

Mission and Goals

The Highline Community Symphonic Band (HCSB) is dedicated to providing classical band music for the enjoyment and cultural enrichment of communities in and around the Highline area of South King County.

Pursuant to this the HCSB performs quality concerts in a traditional venue without cost to the general public, while nurturing individual talents and continuously improving the skills of all HCSB members.

HCSB provides a venue for local amateur musicians, post high school to senior citizens, to continue or return to the enjoyment and challenge of playing a wide range of concert band music. The band also provides an opportunity for selected high school instrumental students to expand their musical education by participating in a quality community symphonic band.

2015-2016 Season Roster

Dan Kexel, Music Director and Conductor

Chris Borland
Carol Hunter
Janice Ono
Martha Lipscomb
Bethany Rucker
Traci Towers
Nicole Weeks


Gretchen Geyer
Chandler Williams

Sarah Butler
Karen Cawker
Dan Clark
Paul Hahn
Nancy McLean
Shirley Milligan
Jim Nelson
Lyn Richie
Dyann Seidl
Carolyn Speildenner Meghan Schuster
Bass Clarinet:
Neil Buckland
George Roberts


Mark Collins – Alto
Eric Taylor – Alto
Ingrid Carlsen - Alto
Charles Loeffler - Tenor
Chuck Hermann – Tenor
David Griffith – Baritone

Sheryl Basinger
Scott Bernitt
Bob Briggs
Christy Reynolds
Matt Verbon
Chris Wyman
Michael Wyman

Josh James
Stan Holmes
Catherine Espel-Logan Raleigh Mostov
Mike Bredl
Larry Holmes
Dwight McLean
Dan Milligan
Melanie Shaw
John Wilhour

Pat Hill

Kasil Brenner
Danise Still

Charles Northrip
Bill Shaug
Susan Titus

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