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SavageEd2 Text Editor

SavageEd2 is currently in beta testing.

Overview of features:

  • Written in an x86 assembly language (HLA)
  • No installation, uncompress and run
  • Open large files limited by memory
  • Does not use Windows registry, creates a local configuration file.
  • Improved find/replace dialog -quick find: double click to highlight word, Find Next (F3) to find next instance.
  • Pattern searching
  • AES encryption with 256 bit key (32 characters)
  • Auto save and quick ESC exit.
  • Dual direction LOG files (append updates to 'end of file' or 'top of file'.
  • Read Only mode
  • Saves up to 20 recent files, option to clear list on exit, open most recent on startup

SavageEd2 v0.02.00

Recent Log
-fixed SaveAs dialog not renaming properly
-added Set Tabs option - default Tab is now set to 4 chars
-first public beta