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Pancake Breakfast

Now a tradition at Highland Terrace, the Pancake Breakfast is a terrific accompaniment of the Highland Terrace Community, both families, teachers and staff alike, coming together to volunteer, enjoy each others company and to share in some pancakes.

Saturday, February 8, 2014, Thank YOU!

A HUGE Thank You to all of the wonderful volunteers who helped make the 2014 Highland Terrace Annual Pancake Breakfast such an amazing success!!! 

Mike VanOrden

Peggy Nordwall

Sandi Severtsen

Dennis Griner

Sarah Bayle

Annabel Bailey

Christine Chmielniak

Annalise Nye

Michael Wellman

Kelsey Graves

Ed Davies

Nina Shoop

Carrie Campbell

Monica Donovan

Mike Nouwens

Anne Alonzi-Aw

Kevin Kelly

Sarah Gunderson

Megan Kirley

Tim Kirley

Alex Shea

Sydney Shea

Steve Shea

Deb Polyakov

Kelly Miller

Anh Tran

Haiqing Zhang

Shelly Griner

Andre Lucero

Rhonda Bachler

Eric James

Kerri Schneider

Abi Rogers

Betsy Rand

Carol Krantz

Bill Huggins

Jacob Rusby

Cory Peterson

Haregu Abraham

Bill Chase

Mickey Min

Johanna Dokken

Noel Jeffrey Dokken

Kendy Smith

Yadesa Bojia

Yina Yoon

Julie Fetveit

Megan Menis

Phaedra Chacona

Amy Kelly

Shelly Hogan

Linda Crowe

Andrea Berkbigler

Connie Berkbigler

Shawn Matthews

Clarissa Hsu

Scott Schiebler

AND  THANK YOU so much Dimitri Ponomarchik  - for donating ALL of the Pancake Batter!!!!

* Please accept our apologies for anyone who helped out or contributed that we might have missed here. THANK YOU!