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We've Moved!

posted Sep 10, 2016, 8:34 PM by Lisa Miller

The new Highland Lakes Ukulele Club website is HERE.

May 2016 Second Thursday Meeting

posted May 12, 2016, 9:05 PM by Lisa Miller   [ updated May 12, 2016, 9:32 PM by Lisa Miller ]

We met at Fuel Coffeehouse, who has been so gracious to stay open until 7pm to continue hosting Ukulele Club. Our members had a great time doing our songbook, although we didn't quite make it to the Kazoo songs. Well, better luck next time!

Lisa, Virginia, Elizabeth, Amber, Pat, Don

April 2016 Fourth Thursday Meeting

posted Apr 28, 2016, 10:05 PM by Lisa Miller

Since we've started having meetings in Marble Falls, some of our membership is quite happy because they live there. Sometimes people who are in the library stop to see what's going on. This evening a nice gentleman, Gil, was intrigued and 'just happened' to have his washtub bass in his van. We invited him to join us, we love having a bass player. We're pretty sure he had a good time.

Virginia, Lewis, Lisa, Luis, Gil,
Elizabeth, Don, Pat, Jon

April 2016 Second Thursday Meeting

posted Apr 18, 2016, 9:12 PM by Lisa Miller   [ updated Apr 18, 2016, 9:21 PM ]

Well, we've added another member to our roster, Jon, who claims not to have touched his uke in 10 years or so. Looks like he's picking right up where he left off. He has a lovely classic uke and has taken great care of it so he's on his way. It was a great meeting and a good time was had by all. 

We're scheduled for a short program on April 27 at 7pm. The event is a Widows and Widowers Banquet held at the Fellowship Baptist Church in Marble Falls. Details and map on the Calendar, click on the Event name for particulars. The songbooks we will use are at the bottom of the Songbooks Page, titled WWBanquet.pdf and WWBanquetBaritone. I had to redo the song pages in order to make Baritone pages, so download and print them for your own use, they've been simplified and improved. We will provide enough copies for everyone and 3 music stands. Hope lots of us can attend!

Jon, Virginia, Liz, Don, Luis, Lisa, Cherie

March 2016 Fourth Thursday Meeting

posted Mar 24, 2016, 10:16 PM by Lisa Miller   [ updated Mar 24, 2016, 10:28 PM ]

We had a great meeting this time. A couple of our newer members are contemplating purchasing a ukulele and Don was able to advise them what kind and size they might want. This is the largest attendance yet. We tried out some new songs and covered some old ones. I've added to the Baritone Book so the members with Baritone Ukes can play without a cheat sheet. Next time we'll have a working laptop or two that they can play from (sorry).

Sally, Virginia, Amber, Liz, Louis, Luis, Cherie,
 Guest, Kathy, Pat, Sam, Lisa, Don


March 2016 Second Thursday Meeting

posted Mar 23, 2016, 11:26 PM by Lisa Miller   [ updated Mar 23, 2016, 11:28 PM ]

Well, it was well attended meeting, we had some serious fun and now have 2 kazoo songs to rock out with. It's a thing, and makes us giggle.

Amber, Virginia, Liz, Luis, Louis, Don, Sally, Lisa


posted Feb 26, 2016, 9:31 PM by Lisa Miller

Since I started the Highland Lakes Ukulele Club in July of 2014, I've been gathering song files from many sources on the web and posting them to the web site. Don has put together a system for meetings which has one computer and a hub that allows up to eight monitors to show the same page simultaneously. Members don't have to download, print and haul songbooks to the meeting and if we decide on changes, I can change them at will.

One of the most frustrating parts of producing the .pdfs is putting chord charts on them. I have to get a chord chart, chose the image I want, save it as a file, organize them, put them together for each song and insert it into the document. We have a new member who wants to learn to play her Baritone Ukulele which is tuned differently than a standard uke. It's the same tuning as a guitar, minus 2 strings. The Baritone Ukulele chords are completely different so she needs song sheets written for her. Yikes.

I found a great tool! Chordious is a program written to find and let you design chord charts for any stringed instrument. It's fairly intuitive to use, multi-platform and it's free. There's a written and a very good video tutorial, take a look if you ever had the frustration of finding, making or saving chord charts.

Simple, clean interface

Video Tutorial

YouTube Video

February 2016 Fourth Thursday Meeting

posted Feb 26, 2016, 8:47 PM by Lisa Miller

We had a great time this meeting, I've redone the songbook, added some songs and taken out some 'clunkers' that no one likes. We're building our repertoire of songs that contain Kazoo solos and that makes us a little giddy. We're a tame bunch, you'd be surprised.

Virginia, Cherie, Don, Lisa, Louis, Liz, Sally

January 2016 Fourth Thursday Meeting

posted Feb 24, 2016, 9:37 PM by Lisa Miller

We had some new members this time, thank you all so much for coming. We're really enjoying meeting at the Marble Falls Public Library, the facility is lovely and the staff has been so friendly and helpful. Thanks so much!

January 2016 Second Thursday Meeting

posted Jan 14, 2016, 9:17 PM by Lisa Miller   [ updated Feb 24, 2016, 9:21 PM ]

We have a couple of new members this month, Sally and Dakota. Sally is an experienced ukulele player whose playing and voice adds a lot to our mix and Dakota is a new uke player with guitar experience (and a fine voice).

Lisa, Sally, Virginia, Liz, Don, Dakota 

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