About Us

Established in 1996, on the site of a Revoluntionary War era patent.  Our sugarbush is sustainably managed  with the assistance of a licensed state forester.  This has helped us develop a  healthy approach to managing the property for the benefit of wildlife and our trees. We are the only totally off grid operating maple sugar bush in Montgomery County. Our sugarbush is located on a private road, so there is no "road dust" in our sap.
My husband Ron grew up on a dairy farm in Cobleskill, New York where you made do or did without. Many families in the area made their own maple syrup with supplies they had around the farm. No fancy equipment. Today, there are a several companies here in the US and Canada that build a large variety of maple syrup gear for everything from the guy with a few trees in the yard, to huge commercial facilities. 
Here's some of the sap haulers!

 Our little sugar shack(where the  evaporator and the boiling of the fresh sap takes place) is located right in front of our house and barn for easy access.

We have a 15 acre sugar bush (sugarbush refers to an area of forest with maple trees used to produce maple syrup) which we maintain as a wildlife sanctuary and practice sustainable logging. We are constantly removing any dead or diseased trees.   This in turn helps the area wildlife enjoy a much better environment. and opens up our maples for more sunlight, which they need to help produce a higher sugar content.  Our sugar bush is home to wild turkey, deer, rabbits, raccoons, opossum, coyote, raptors,  songbirds and many other species..   The wood that is removed is then used for building, or firewood. Even the branches are piled up and used to   become homes for small animals and birds.
2011 improvements!
All new tubing system has been installed with micro-taps and vacuum. We have enlarged our little sugar shack to accomodate the  new custom designed CDL  2'x8' woodfired evaporator. We are planning on running around 300-500 taps, but of course this will change as time goes on. We will still use some pails in certain areas. 
 Off Grid Power
We use two Southwest Windpower microturbines that generate 400 watts each and six 120 watt solar panels, along with 12 Trojan T-105 batteries to store the power.  All Trace brand components..  A DR 3624 watt modified sine wave inverter"Fred" handles all the day to day energy needs with his little microchip computerized brain.  Thank you to New England Solar and Electric  of Mass. for their design and continued support.            

The Farm Animals

Meet our retired Scotch Highland Cattle,  Arundel and Brigid . You will also get to see our Quarter horse Lady, and Pippin our former guard  llama along with our varied rescue dogs and cats..   

Call ahead for product, available in pastic quarts. or glass mason jars,quarts, pints, halfpints..