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10 Reasons why YOU'RE Guaranteed
to get the best deal on Flooring
from Highland Floors of Bowral

1. Choosing a fantastic colour scheme for your home will be made easy with the help of our in- store Interior Designer who has over 20 years experience..

2. You get to choose from Bowral's largest range of Carpet and Flooring.

3. You will find choosing is easy with our large samples which we also allow you to take home overnight.

4. You will have peace of mind with our 10 year Workmanship Guarantee; Five times longer then most stores.

5. You also get a 10 year written Guarantee on all of our Carpets.

6. You will receive a free custom made door mat with your purchase.

7. You will feel the difference with our high quality underlay and it will improve the life of your carpet.

8. You will notice the difference with our quality craftsmanship.

9. You will get a great deal with our Bulk Buying power of over 120 stores across Australia.   

10. We are fully insured for your piece of mind.

Tips For Buying and Owning Carpet

·      Price, Price, Price is not everything. Remember, you only get what you pay for. Too cheap and the quality or workmanship has to suffer.
·      When comparing prices make sure you are comparing apples with apples. Generally carpet is priced by the broadloom (12 foot wide) metre (measures 1 metre by 3.67 metres), but sometimes carpet is priced by the square metre. If you are comparing carpet prices to other flooring products – vinyl, ceramic, timber, laminate etc – remember all these products are priced by the square metre.
·      Ask your retailer about the type of underlay best suited to the carpet and your installation. A good underlay will improve comfort, absorb crushing forces, overcome minor imperfections in the sub-floor, as well as being warmer in winter and cooler in summer your rooms will also be quieter. Warning: Some installers may try to leave your old underlay to save them money.
·      Talk to the retailer about how the carpet will be installed and ask them to show you an installation plan.
·      Make sure you keep a record of the manufacturer, the type of underlay, any warranty information and a small piece of unused carpet.
·      Consider buying a little extra carpet as a reserve to replace damaged areas. If you are carpeting stairs the carpet wears faster there than in other areas around the home. You might want to think about buying enough carpet to recover some of the stairs at a later time.
·      Always protect your carpet from prolonged periods of direct sunlight with blinds, shades or awnings.
·      On the day the carpet is being installed, and for a day or so after, open as many doors and windows as possible. The carpet needs to ventilate and breathe for a few days after it is installed.
·      If you don’t already have one, buy a good vacuum cleaner. Not only will it remove abrasive soil, (which abrade the base of the carpet pile), but modern cleaners with multi-filter systems will safely remove the fine dust particles and reduce dust mites.
·      To protect against uneven wear and compression, use furniture caps under the legs of heavy furniture, periodically move your furniture to more evenly distribute carpet wear and place barrier mats at outside doors to trap dirt from shoes. Remember to vacuum the mats outside as well as inside.


Shop 10C, Sherwood Village, Kirkham Road, Bowral. (opposite the Railway Station )

Highland Floors of Bowral

The home of beautiful Carpet


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