Mission Statement, Vision & Core Values

HCDC is dedicated to the promotion and development of curling in the Highlands of Scotland.

HCDC Vision

Curling in Inverness Ice Centre, from recreational grassroots to the highest levels of competitive play, will be strong and vibrant. Curling facilities and organization here will offer a wide variety of participation opportunities for all residents of their communities. Opportunities to participate will reflect the changing needs of the cultural mosaic and lifestyles of Highlanders and allow for a healthy cross section of recreational through competitive play

HCDC Values

Family: We are a community of individuals that acts like a family that is connected and passionate about the sport of curling.

Excellence: We are committed to do our very best at all times and to achieve high standards.

Commitment: We align both personal and corporate goals to enable a commitment to succeed so that the organization will be successful for all.

Integrity: We act in a fair, consistent and forthright manner which enables honourable delivery of our programs and services.

Respect: We show respect by collaborating, communicating and cooperating with all of our members, partners and stakeholders.

Transparency: We act in an open manner.