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NameAddressEmailOccupationFamily InfoCool Stuff I've doneHobbiesMy Bucket List
Barbara (Dodson) Rodseth 2910 199th Ave. E., Lake Tapps, WA 98391 Senior Wealth Management Client Manager: Bank of America Kent Rodseth (Twin Falls) Brennett (20 Univ of Idaho) Ali (17 High School)  Bleacher husband is a highschool football coach, Son plays football for UofI and my daughter level 10 gymnast and track athlete.   
Bardel Bybee 11912 NE 95th St, ste 300, Vancouver, WA 98682 Vice President/CEO Mid-Pacific Transportation, Inc. Spouse: Nina Children: Christina 1983 - 1995; Rachael - 30 yrs old; Michael - 19 yrs old Grandchildren: Dylan - 11 yrs old; Caleb - 4 yrs old; Kylie - 2 yrs old I guess I'm boring...... Hunt, fish, golf, gardening, clamming, crabbing. Spend a lot of time in the outdoors. Checked off Wrigley Field last year. Now it's down to visiting Fenway Park, attending the Masters Golf Tournament, fishing / hunting in Alaska and Walleye fishing in Lake Erie or Manitoba, Canada. 
Barry Smith 456 Fairway Dr, Pocatello Chiropractor and Pharmaceutical Rep. Sherri (27) Megan (23) Brandon (21) Brady (20) Mandy (18) Bryson (16) I've now been on three talk shows and "America's most wanted" T.V. show.......and on channel 6 news.....twice. Run, Golf, Tennis, Bike, Whatever the kids want to do.  1) A full Ironman 2) Run the New York Marathon 3) Too long to list everything and probably too personal. 
Brett Carlsen 11350 Buffalo Rd, Chubbuck, ID 83202 The paying job is at the Idaho National laboratory where I dabble in in spent nuclear fuel management but mostly just answer phones and go to meetings. Have had to travel more than I like over the past couple of years but get do enjoy seeing more of the world. My sanity job (evenings, nights, and weekends) is 'Pocatello PoweSports' -- the local Honda, KTM, and Polaris dealership -- which we opened up back in 1997.  Lisa Browning ..... that beautiful but difficult girl back we went to highschool with. Four kids. - Robert (23) served a mission in So Korea. He and his wife (Ester) and daughter (Gretyl) will be heading to the Universit of wisconcin this Fall to begin work on a PhD in Nuclear engineering. Yes we are grandparents. - Kate (20) is a senior at BYU in neuroscience and planning to do the MD thing. - Aubrey (15) is a sophomore at highland. She's a fashion guru (sells her wares under "Aubrey's Accessories" and spends most all her time at the ballet studio. She has been invited to dance in Romania his summer and Lisa and I are still trying to decide about this. - Emma (12) is a sixth grader at Franklin. She loves basketball and has been her Dad's ski buddy for many years. But lately she's begaun turning into a lovely young lady -- which, much to my chagrin, means less skiing and riding with Dad and more dancing girl stuff. p.s. I think I got my kids' ages right -- but you should probably check with Lisa to be sure.  Convinced Lisa to marry me ..... which is quite an accomplishment considering how she felt about me in high school. Driven fast cars very fast on the Autobahn. I have speeding tickets from four countries .... and counting and have gone into a powerslide in a Porsche 911 Turbo (this was in Tennessee). Managed to sneak in a motorcycle ride through Austria, Italy, and Switzerland last summer. Set off the fire alarm at the Marriott Hotel in Vienna. And.......drum roll........ I've learned to sit through a ballet without complaining (I actually enjoy some but I'm still keeping that secret from my family) Have a wonderful and well-equipped workshop in my basement that i don't get to use nearly as much as I'd like. Been ski patrolling for the past 15 years -- and still like to ski bumps. A litle tennis and climbing and alot of ultimate frisbee. Procrastinating mid-life crisis. Denial is the key.  Ski Chamonix and heli-ski Canada. ride N/S from Alaska to Argentina and W/E from Spain to China (Lisa has already kibashed N/S from Morocco to South Africa). Disprove atomic theory. Understand relativity. 
Darla (Dean) McClay 4802 SW 317th Lane #A, Federal Way, WA 98023      
Darla (Olds) Fletcher 942 N School Ave, Kuna, ID 83634 Billing Coordinator for St Luke's Idaho Cardiology Widowed, have 2 children Brandis 25 and married has a 6 year old boy and Steven my son who is 20 Have been in charge of all the fundraising for Kuna Youth Softball since my son was 5 and started T-Ball Travel a lot, family activities and reading My current goal is to go to Greece which is something my husband and I had wanted to do before he passed away 
Deloy Stuart 767 Monika St, Chubbuck, ID 83202 Real Estate Publishing Christie Stuart ,RN Wife Mickenzie (Stuart) Bringhurst daughter Andrew James Stuart (13) son Nothing more than I did in high school. taking Ram Page photo's and publishing the yearbook. Now still taking photo's and publishing Real Estate books around the Northwest.  Boating & Snow Skiing Make some Money 
Denise (Gates) Jacobsen 12 Deer Valley Lane, Newport, WA 99156 Wow... so many things but right now looking at going back to school. Happily unemployed for the time being Separated from my husband and planning a big move in the fall! Son Corey graduated for U of I this May! Son Josh is almost 20. Had some schooling but is currently looking for himself. My daughter Cassidy is going to be a sophmore in the fall!  Horseback riding, hiking, gardening, socializing with family and friends! And Lots of TRAVEL!!!  
Denise (Gates) Jacobson 12 Deer Valley Lane, Newport, WA 99156 Wow... so many things but right now looking at going back to school. Happily unemployed for the time being Separated from my husband and planning a big move in the fall! Son Corey graduated for U of I this May! Son Josh is almost 20. Had some schooling but is currently looking for himself. My daughter Cassidy is going to be a sophmore in the fall!  Horseback riding, hiking, gardening, socializing with family and friends! And Lots of TRAVEL!!!  
Edie (Hansen) Richardson 2255 S. Bannock Hwy, Pocatello, ID I have been a cosmetologist for almost 28 yrs. I have owned and opperated a couple of full service salon, but currently I have a salon in my home which I love. Was married to Doug Crump (class of 80) now married to California boy Scott Richardson for 13 yrs. I have three children: Bradley 27, Tricia 23, Deric 17 Love raising my kids none have gone to jail or on drugs so I feel I was successful on getting them raised. Oldest is longhaul truck driver, my daughter graduated from U of I and is Miss Rodeo Idaho which keeps me very busy, my youngest is a Jr. at Century High and is getting ready to apply for college. Was guardian for Jobs Daughters for several years and worked with 4-H. I have received the "Making Difference for Women Award" Riding horses, sking, helping young girls to become rodeo queens, camping Win the lotto! Go on a really nice trip.(Anywhere out of Pocatello) 
Ed Ramos 2583 Pinewood Ln, Layton, UT 84040 Air Traffic Controller, Salt Lake City Int'l Airport, FAA Married to Robyn Myhre, Four children, two girls and two boys ages 20-13ages Committed my life to Jesus Christ a few years back. Love reading and talking about the Bible with people. People are my hobby. Move to Bozeman, Mt. and enjoy the outdoors. 
Gary Mecham 1539 N 750 E, Shelley, ID 83274 Engineer Married to Patty 6 kids 3 married kids 6 grandkids    
Heidi (Wise) Fry 3126 S. Harbour Springs St, Nampa, ID 83686 I am a 5th Grade Teacher Married to don Fry for almost 30 years. I have two daughters: Lindsay is a DVM, married and living in Salt Lake City, and Lauren is a first grade teacher.    
Jennifer (Jones) Boyce 1940 NE Taylor Ct, Bend, OR 97701 I work in Commercial and Residentials installing and maintaining Houseplants for people who want our services. If you see plants in a bank, think of me. I have a wonderful husband of almost 23 years, been together for 28. His name is Danny, and we have 3 beautiful children. Aaron is 21 and works for Apple doing tech work. Emily is 19 this month..April...and she works for Fred Meyer. Kyle is 17 and is in the works of mastering drivers training. He graduates next year. We have a English Bulldog Betty and a ninja cat named Foo Foo who will waste you if she doesn't know you. She's our watch 'dog'. Finally bought our first house 7 years ago and oh goody, we owe more on it then its worth! But my flower gardens make it worth it. Plus we live in Paradise: Bend, Oregon.  Love to Garden in my front and back yard. In the process of turning the backyard into an entertainment area for outdoor bar-b-ques with friends. Love to read great books, hang out with my family and shop for a great deal. Make it out alive.  
John Crawford 1494 Zener, Pocatello, ID 83201  wife Patty Crawford sons Zach 12 and Alex 6    
Kevin Anderson 556 W. Chubbuck Rd, Chubbuck I'm currently working at the INL as a Radiological Controls Technician. I've been at NRF for coming up on 15 years. I've got 3 grown kids ages 22 19 and 18. My youngest graduates this year. Not old enough to have grandkids yet! lol I am also an Assistant Scoutmaster with Troop 315 here in Pocatello. I've been involved with this Troop for 12 years and have earned the Bridge Builders Award, The District Award of Merit, and just recently received the Bronze Pelican Award from the Catholic Church that Sponsors our Troop. I really enjoy working with the youth and watching young boys grow into young men. I am proud to be a part of their growth. I love camping, fishing, some hunting, and my new favorite sport of Geocaching! Haven't really thought about my bucket list, but I guess it is getting to be that time. 
Lisa (Muir) Bybee 1703 Village Dr, Lynden Washington, 98264  Dirk Bybee, Amber Garvin, Cory Bybee, Megan Scherbel, 5 grandkids and 1 on the way due in August. Have been married to the man I love for 32 years and am still happily married, and totally in love. I am so proud of my children, and all they have accomplished in their lives.. And heck I am still alive...Never thought I would live to see myself at the age of 48, but look at us now! Boating, I love the sunshine, but do not get to see an awful lot of it where I live.I love to travel, love my grandkids, and dog gone it,,,,, kind of like my kids too. I am totally into yard work, like to garden, I just love being outside if it is nice, and having fun. Travel more. Paris, Hawaii..... 
Marjanna (Davidson) Hulet 353 Washington, Pocatello After 19 years of teaching English at Idaho State University, I switched to a different job that has no freshman essays to grade. I am the technology training coordinator for ISU. This means I make sure everyone on campus knows how to use the various tech programs--so I teach, I write, I publish, I coach, and I help. It's fun and, best of all, I have NO papers to grade. (Yay!) I am also a freelance writer and have published my writing locally, regionally and nationally (Family Fun Magazine, Portneuf Valley Parents, Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation, etc) Married Barry Hulet a long time ago and he still puts up with me, so I'm happy. Son Cedar, 19, is in school at ISU and spends his free time fishing or thinking about fishing...or planning to go fishing. Son Colter, 17, goes to Century and is active in Drama, Debate, Honor society, and scouts. Daughter Kestrel, 13, is at the Pocatello Community Charter School, and enjoys track, girl scouts, reading (that's my girl!) and giggling.  After my great pride in my wonderful children, the thing I'm most proud of is the school I started: the Pocatello Community Charter School. It has been in operation for 12 years now and has over 300 students enrolled (K-8) with about that many on the waiting list. It's a fantastic school that does amazing things and I'm crazy proud of it. I also started the Idaho Charter School Network, to help keep high standards for charter schools throughout the state. It runs out of Boise State University. I am the current chair of the City of Pocatello's Planning and Zoning board, where I nudge my progressive agenda forward as best I can. I am also a founder and current board member of the Sagebrush Steppe Regional Land Trust, which has been around about 6 or 7 years. This group is dedicated to preserving open spaces (ranches, farms, etc) across Southeast Idaho. So if you like to hunt and fish in our area, you should support this group which works hard to make sure you have continued access to those areas you love. I love to copy good ideas from other areas of the country and make them happen here in my corner of the world. (My next project is a Food Policy council for the city.) I've tried to get on Pocatello's city council a few times, but have finally decided that I'm just not mean enough to get elected to public office. I am a moderate Democrat but there's not much room for moderate anything in today's political climate. I've managed to alienate most of the hard core dems around here, so running for office again is probably out. That leaves rabble rousing, which I'm pretty good at, so that's my next political move. I volunteer a lot as well, for the Boy Scouts, the Girl Scouts, my church, the United Way, my kids' schools and other good causes. I try to get out floating a river at least once a year, but don't do much whitewater anymore (although I do have two whitewater trips planned this summer!) I haven't traveled the world as much as I thought I would, but I think it's mostly because I love Idaho so much and keep finding new areas to explore here.  I like rabble rousing and stirring things up, especially with local politics. However, when I'm not doing that, I'm working on my wonderful old house (1930's craftsman, with a big front porch and swing included) or working in my yard. I love to knit and I read voraciously. I love technology and am lucky to have two totally techie brothers to help keep me on top of what's new and cool in the tech world. I play accoustic guitar and like to sing along as I play. My new hobby is driving my teenagers crazy, something my husband and I enjoy doing together. I'm a fantastic baker but seldom have much time for it now. My most boring hobby is sitting on the local planning and zoning board--which I totally love. Weird, but there you are. My husband manages to talk me into going fishing with him now and then, although I refuse to go ice fishing ever again. We love to camp and even have a campfire ring in our backyard so we can cook hot dogs and s'mores whenever we want.  I'd like to dedicate more time to writing, but have resigned myself to waiting until the kids move out, so can only squeeze in the odd editorial now and then. I want to get my PhD someday as well, but there's no real hurry there either. I'd have to choose a field--I'm thinking perhaps political science. I'd like to be an accoustic type band, so I'm working that direction. I'd like to learn to play the mandolin and I'd really like to canoe the Portneuf all the way through town, but that requires major work removing the concrete channel first, so I'll have to wait on that one. Honestly, I try hard not to have any regrets in my life.  
Mark Horrocks 6255 Indian Tree Lane, Pocatello I'm a family physician working as the Medical Director for Health West Inc. I work mostly in Aberdeen, ID with the Spanish speaking population there. I'm also on faculty at ISU as an assistant professor of clinical medicine. Married to Amy Sutton since 1990. I have four sons: Gideon, Jackson, Roman, Aidan I'm actually a Gulf War Veteran (U.S. Air Force). Also, every year, I go to KLCE's Second Chance Prom where I can still, "Dance the Night Away." OK, you can all stop laughing now. (Of course, maybe you're all just jealous that I can still, "Shake My Groove Thing.") What I most like to do is write stories and books. I've had some quirky poetry published, but never a book. I currently have several stories/books finished, and I'm actively searching for a literary agent with the hopes of being published. I'm hoping this lends itself to a source of retirement income in the future. Did I say, "retirement?" Good grief, are we old, or what?  
Mike Romeo 3571 Brookstone Dr, Turlock, CA 95382 Family Practice and Sports Medicine physician.  Diane-wife Nicolas-20 y/o Dominic-19 y/o Samantha-17 y/o Daniel-14 y/o Married a great person and raised nice, responsible kids. Run Read Travel 
Pat Oneida 1525 Kinghorn, Pocatello, ID 83204 Electrical Contractor Amanda, Jessica--19, Christopher-11    
Richard Merkel 24497 E. Watson Rd, Cataldo, ID 83810  Botanist     
Rob Boyd 480 Berrett, Pocatello Consultant for Farmer's Insurance Married to Patricia Boyd (Richins) class of 1982 Daughter Randi Landon Son Tyler Boyd Son Alex Boyd Son Austin Boyd Grandson Jackson Grandson Madden Twin Granddaughters coming in June Grandbaby coming in August Built 4 houses for my self, a couple of cabins in Island Park, and a rental. You name it, off road motorcycle riding , snowmobiling, golf, hiking, camping, scouts, waterskiing Retire at 55 travel more, Shoot under 70 in golf, ride the Canada to Utah off road in less than 72 hours. Ride dirt bikes in Mexico, and Europe. 
Robert Goss PO Box 555, Aberdeen, ID, 83210 I am the on site manager for Barrett Business Services Inc. here in Aberdeen. I am also an EMT for Aberdeen and Power county and have been for over 14 years.  I have a butifull wife (Daphney) of 19 years. We have 2 kids 1 boy, Zane who is 8 and 1 girl, Nicole who is 11. We were not supposed to be able to have kids so what a blessing these two have been to us.  I received my pilots license back in 1999 and love to fly.  I like flying, gold prospecting, hunting, auto racing, golfing, fishing, riding motorcycles with my kids, camping, and just spending time with my family and friends. Go to Hawaii, be a size 32 again, race in a nascar cup race, visit family more often and to become the best husband and father I can be.  
Robin (Peterson) Wabel 74 Oak Ridge Dr, Manvel, Texas 77578      
Rose (Christopherson) Eidemiller 14368 W Chubbuck Rd, Pocatello Full time student at ISU/Full time mom at home/Full time Farmer's Market vendor in the summer Hubby -- Ralph Eidemiller, married 23 years 4 children -- Nick -20, Nathaniel - 16, Cait - 13, and Chloe - 10 NO Grandkids, thank God!  Have been a full-tiime vendor at the farmer's market here in Pocatello for the past 8 years. Decided to go back to school spring of 2010, going for a BA in Sociology with a minor in Biology. enjoying it immensly. Have been asked to be a TA next year by one of my Profs, considering doing that.  Hobbies? Isn't it obvious, I garden, a lot! Visited San Fran last summer, going to Ohio this summer. We also visit my Mom's place near Bigfork Montana at least once a year. She and her husband have a place on Flathead Lake with a guest house right on the's fantastic to wake up each morning on the water with the pines all around, but we do have to be aware of the bears and mountain lions! Doing what I still want to do with my life. After I get I get my BA I am planning on getting a Masters in Counseling. The only other thing I really want to attain is old age as I am not there yet. I plan on sticking around to see all my children graduate from college. Nick is well on his way to getting an Assoc. in Diesel Tech. We want to put all of them through without their having to take student loans, and so far so good! 
Shantay (Myler) Clark PO Box 966, Thayne WY, 83127 I have been a house wife most of the time, but have worked on the side for about 24 yrs. as a cosmotologist. Also have my own business as an Interior Designer that I do part time. But my main job for now is to continue to raise my kids. My husband of 28yrs. is Jeff Clark; He owns his own business as a contractor, and works primarily in Jackson Hole building luxury homes. I have five children, and three grandchildren with one on the way.My oldest is Kylie, she is 25 and lives in Manhatten N.Y with her husband ( a wall street trader ) and their two little boys. My second child is Chad, who has been home from a mission from France about 3 months. He is going to college this summer at University of Wyoming majoring in chemistry and biology. My third child is Jamie,who is living in Arizona with her boyfriend; She has a baby girl and just found out that she is pregnant again;she is 20.My fourth child is Colten; he is 13,and is in Jr, High and loving it! he is such a brain with sraight A's all through school. (All of my kids have done really well in school.) My last child is Camry; She is twelve and is very sweet! They all have so many great things for me to brag about, but I am too lazy to type it all, so I will just tell you when I see you! I have won a few decotating awards; one at a Jackson Hole homeshow tour competing with multi-million dollar catagories, and big name designers in the area. I won first in the 7 million dollar and up catagory, and then best over all. I also won an award from my Design school that they only have given out twice Nation wide, for best interior design. I also put on a big Christmas show production in my area; with 12 singers and some string musicians, Christmas characters such as Santa, frosty, Penguins ect.I use all the best local talent, including singers and dancers and dance groups as well. I have had the B.Y.U dancers come as well and some solo dancers from Jackson.It is a huge job! but I enjoy it, and I enjoy singing in it as well.Our goal is to use the talent in the valley, put on a beautiful show and give the ticket money and donations to worthy causes.I am going on my seventh year with this.About 17 years ago I sang with Michael Mclains christmas group for about four years, and then with my own group for about 8 years doing pop songs of the day back then. But my biggest accomplishment has been my family. I LOVE to ski! My family and I go snowmobiling often, and we have cookouts often in the summer.I sew sometimes when making craft items, and love to decorate! I would love to travel to Switzerland, England, Italy and France. 
Stephanie (Parrish) Egbert 6186 S. Wakefield Way, Salt Lake City, UT 84118 Work with Alicia Warner Blickfeldt in ACN, Try to raise my kids and love on my 2 Grandsons. Spouse:Monty Egbert Kids: Emily 21 Los Angele KaLawnie 20 Hawaii son in Law: Will Grand Kids: Kailo 2, Kavika 6 mo Alex 18, Island Park, Id Cassidy 16, Salt Lake Derek 15, Salt Lake Zachary 14, Salt Lake  My family have all been acting in a numver of movies, I have my first speaking lines in Den Brother on Disney. Camping, going to our cabin in Island Park Visit Samoa, Tahiti and Hawaii, Have enough money to retire with. Take all my family on a cruise. 
Teresa (Wilde) Bosen 121 Fairway Circle, Pocatello Teacher at Highland High School Douglas R. Bosen 5 children ages 27-9 3 grandchildren Just got back from England, going to the Dominican Republic in June. teaching, sleeping, eating, playing with my youngest son and grandbabies! Serve a mission in England Move to someplace warm! 
Tom James Pocatello, ID      
Tonda (Rasmussen) Cody 4560 Ponderosa, Chubbuck, ID 83202 Registered Nurse-Portneuf Medical Center Cardiac Cath Lab Clarence Cody Ben Cody-24 Sara Cody-21 Rachel Cody-20    
Troy Byington 5536 S Marsh Creek Road, McCammon, ID 83250 ES&H Manager for URS Energey and Constuction CC&M Group     
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