Hello! My name is Kelley Madden. I've been on the High Flying Haflingers drill team since it started. I ride in the yellow wheel position, which means I'm in the very very back and have to be able to go fast to catch up or make sure I'm in position. My horse's name is Lavinia-Lena YES. I've had Lena for a few years now and she is a whole new horse. We've been the National Champions in cross rails, 2'3", and 2'6". Lena was broke to drive last year as a 12 year old and we have been slowly working on getting her to relax and enjoy driving. Aside from horseback riding, I play hockey so my schedule is always busy. I currently play for Gilmour Academy and I attend the school as well. I haven't picked my college just yet, but I will be majoring in Nursing.