Persuasive Haiku Decks

Part 1
Learn about writing a VS. persuasive argument 
by scrolling through the following slides. 
What elements do you notice? 
(teacher directed)  
If the Haiku Deck is not visible below, click the shield in the omnibox above and select Load Unsafe Scripts (It's safe!)

                                                       Part 2

What topic would you pick? 
Click here to post your ideas. 
What ideas did you think were clever?

Part 3

Create a Haiku Deck choosing one side of your "vs."  
Create a new account on Haiku Deck using your school gmail account and password

Be sure to include: 

- A title page
                                        - Which option you would choose
                                                                     - 3 slides stating specific reasons for your choice
             - A conclusion slide 

(same as the sample slides above) 

Part 4

Turn in your Haiku Deck!

Part 5

Enjoy viewing your classmates' Haiku Decks