Lisa Highfill M.A Ed Tech

Technology Integration Specialist

Pleasanton Unified School District

@lhighfill  about.me/lisahighfill


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EdTechTeam Summit Presentations

The following sessions describe a four part series on HyperDocs that will be scheduled throughout the weekend summit. You do not need to attend all four sessions, but all those who are curious about HyperDocs are welcome to join in one of the sessions, or stay for more to gain a deeper understanding of how to design and deliver instruction with HyperDocs.

Have you heard about HyperDocs and wondered what all the hype is about? This session is an introduction to the concept of HyperDocs. HyperDocs are innovative digital lesson designs that will completely shift your classroom to a student centered learning environment. Once you start creating HyperDocs, you will never write lesson plans in a spiral plan notebook again. Warning: HyperDocs are for educators who are already using Google Apps, and are ready to take tech integration to a transformational level. During this session, we will: Define a HyperDoc, Explain theory and pedagogy behind digital lesson design, Provide templates to copy and personalize, Explore HyperDoc examples and various packaging options, Discuss blended learning options and models for implementation.

Multimedia text sets are collections of content that you can curate, package, and efficiently push out to students using Google Docs. This session will take a look at how using Google apps for packaging and workflow can greatly enhance your instruction by maximizing the time you have in the classroom. Each participant will leave the session with new thinking about how to effectively integrate digital instruction, along with multiple lessons and ideas for use in any classroom.

Join us for HyperDoc Design School! Take a close look at all the design features of our favorite HyperDoc packaging tools, Google Docs and Presentations. This session will include a step by step tour of both applications to create visually engaging digital lessons. Learn basic graphic design techniques such as color relationships and font pairings. In Docs, learn how to insert tables, change cell colors, modify borders, redesign page backgrounds, and re-imagine images. Elevate Presentations to a whole new level by designing with shapes and slide carnival templates. Once the secrets of the HyperDoc Design school are unlocked, you will be able to personalize your own brand of digital lessons.

Let’s talk SAMR! HyperDocs are more than a Google Doc with some links on it. Join us as we look for ways to elevate the design and delivery of your HyperDocs. In this session we will focus on instructional methods to create, collaborate and connect students. Explore teacher-created exemplars and discuss the level of innovation within the lesson design. Brainstorm ways to bring HyperDoc lessons to transformative levels of learning. This session will challenge your thinking about how you teach with technology and leave you with many examples to get started with your own advanced lesson design.

Additional Presentations and Workshops
  • YouTube Lessons That Will Leave You Thinking
  • Reader's and Writer’s Workshop 2.0- Exploring comprehension through digital pedagogy
  • Google Presentation Hacks- New Ideas for Teaching and Creating with Slides

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